Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria in Trastevere (Rome, Italy) - January 9

OUR LADY BEYOND THE TIBER Tradition speaks of a chapel dedicated to Our Lady located beyond (read across) the Tiber River, at Rome established by Pope St. Calixtus I, most likely around the beginning of his reign that ran from 218 to 222 AD The title...

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Madonna della Lettera (Messina, Sicily, Italy)

Madonna della Lettera (Messina, Sicily, Italy) , 1693 - January 9, June 3

The Madonna's intervention saved Messina during the earthquakes that shook most of Sicily in 1693. On January 9 of that year, when the first tremors began, the Virgin Mary appeared to a sick girl named Paola Alfonsina, daughter of jurist Antonio Pesc...

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