Friday, November 16, 2018

Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn

Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn (Vilnius, Lithuania) , 1363 - November 16

Aušros Vartu Gailestingumo Motinos (Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn) - In 1363, Grand Duke Algirdas of Lithuania conquered Kherson (now in Ukraine), and brought back its holy icon of the Mother of God as a present for his wife, Luliania, who installed ...

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Notre-Dame Libératrice

Notre-Dame Libératrice (La Chapelle-Montligeon, France) , 1919 - November 16

The statue of Our Lady of Montligeon, Notre-Dame Libératrice (Our Lady the Liberator) which overlooks the main altar is the work of Italian sculptor Tadolini. Installed in 1919, almost 4 meters and weighs 13 tons. The Virgin Mary presents Jesus chil...

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Santa María Ixhuatán

Santa María Ixhuatán (Santa María Ixhuatán, Guatemala) , 19th cent. - November 16

Santa Maria Ixhuatán (Ixhuatán: the xinca Ixhuatl which means "palm tree" tlan that by joining the two terms mean Palms Place) is a municipality in the department of Santa Rosa in the south-east of the Republic of Guatemala . This town celebrates i...

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Madonna del Carmine

Madonna del Carmine (Palmi, Reggio Calabria, Italy) , 1896 - November 16, July 16

The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a religious event held annually in civil and Palmi , July 16 (an event dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine ) and November 16 (the anniversary of the miracle of the earthquake of 1894 ). The two festivals, cel...

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