Abbaye Notre-Dame de Nanteuil
(Nanteuil-en-Vallee , France)

Notre-Dame de Nanteuil is is an Abbey Benedictine , founded late eighth century , they say, by Charlemagne.

According to the ancient charters of the abbey, where the Argentor , from Champagne-Mouton , describes a curve, amounted, in the early days of the Christian era , a small oratory founded believed by St. Martial.


The Benedictine monks then came to settle in Nanteuil, but this first settlement was short-lived. In the early tenth century the Vikings invaded the country, put it to plunder and leave behind only ruins.
Abbey Nanteuil suffered the fate of one of Charroux is ruined and bottom.
It is raised from its ruins in the late tenth century by a character called the chronicles of Nanteuil William the noble and might be the Count of Angouleme, Guillaume Taillefer.
The Archbishop of Bordeaux submits the new abbey to the abbey of Saint-Cyprien de Poitiers , and decides that no priest there will be elected without his approval and that of the Abbot of Saint-Cyprien.
Abbey Nanteuil then quickly takes a great importance and its fame spread so in neighboring dioceses, in less than twelve years, four of its members are called to sit on bishoprics .
When Robert Arbrissel wants to found the monastery of Tusson , he has to fight against the Abbot of Nanteuil, Gauthier, about an old chapel which Abbey claims possession.
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries are the most flourishing period of the abbey, and many donations are increasing their areas. From the beginning of the thirteenth century , Hyrvoix, Lord Ruffec , with the consent of his wife, Poqueria recognizes the monks all rights of jurisdiction over the territory of Nanteuil and abandons them it may still have the same territory.
In 1304 , the abbey of Nanteuil visited by Bertrand de Got, Archbishop of Bordeaux. Less than a year later, having been elected pope under the name of Clement V , he puts the abbey under the special protection of the Holy See .
The abbey was located on the way to Saint Jacques passing in Charente by Nanteuil-en-Vallée, Tusson, Montignac, Angoulême, Mouthiers, Puypéroux, Aubeterre.

Basic Information

Year consecrated: ---
Ecclesiastical status: Abbey
Architectural style: ---
Address: Nanteuil-en-Vallee Charente, France
Coordinates: 46.0025, 0.3225
Website: ---
Phone: ---
Hours: ---
Cost: ---
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