Apparition to William Wintzerer (Bopfingen, FLOCHBERG (GERMANY)

Commemorated on June 30
Holy Mary appeared to a very sick boy of ten years, William Wintzerer. He had gone in despair to the edge of a field on one night and had prayed with great fervor to the Blessed Virgin to kill him if he had to continue to suffer in that way. After some hours of this intense prayer prostrate in the chill of the night, the Mother of God appeared in a luminous glow and said: "My son, get up! You will be helped. You'll never be plagued by this disease. Dedicate yourself to the Devout Life: Please, call upon God, he attended Mass regularly, diligently go to church and make pilgrimages. "
The Holy Virgin said this and disappeared and the boy recovered and returned often in prayer to the edge of the cornfield where she had first appeared. William made a pilgrimage to Unterkochen, near the town of Aalen. The apparition received by the boy was believed by the people and in the middle of the eighteenth century, a shrine was erected in this place.
Source: Laurentin, Dictionary of Marian Apparitions (2010) p 126; Gamba, 1999, 342 and Hierzenberger, 1993, 138



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