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Beata Vergine sul Monte Bonicca (Blessed Virgin of Monte Bonicca), Monte Bonicca, Genova, Italy

Commemorated on September 11
Beata Vergine sul Monte Bonicca (Blessed Virgin of Monte Bonicca), Monte Bonicca, Genova, Italy
The Parish Church of Campo Ligure stands on the ruins of the Church of St. Mary in the Castle destroyed by the soldiers of the Republic of Genoa courses during the looting and the burning of Field July 22, 1600. The current building, late Baroque was built in the mid-seventeenth century. The interior has a single nave is richly decorated. Most of the decorations were made by Francesco de Lorenzi in the second half of the nineteenth century. The large fresco of the half-dome is Charles Orgiero and represents the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Bonicca.
Towards the '500 sharpened the conflict with the neighboring fief of Masone to the definition of the boundaries. The long conflict resulted in the peace of 1595, which was followed by the tragic events of July 1600. The Corsican soldiers sent to quell the revolt of the people against the misrule of the Spinola family, after a short siege set fire to the village, which was completely destroyed. During the 600 Field came to be populated with the reconstruction of the entire country and the colonization of land more distant from the town, to the ends of the feud.
On September 11, 1595, the Blessed Virgin appeared to the inhabitants of Campo Ligure and Masone, two villages in the Valle Stura. The two communities were divided by political motives and by parochial hatreds and 4 centuries were bitter struggle. Between 5 and 9 September 1595, two representatives of the people of Campo went to Vico to implore the grace of the Madonna del Pilone peace. Upon their return to Field, September 10, during vespers in the church occurred unusual phenomena: some of the people fell to the ground unconscious, a woman known as a person idiot, full mystical fervor, he began to speak words of great content spiritual, etc..
The next day he met the men of Field with those of Masone and came to the peace, who celebrated together by participating in a Mass in Masone. After the celebration, everyone saw on Mount Bonicca a white cloud that seemed to consist of a large army of people. This soon vanished, giving way to another equally bright cloud, made in the manner of the chapel. Disappearance which appeared lower a woman dressed in blue coat, with one arm out, and a white veil on her head, as they use the nuns, his face shining as much as not being able to fix in the eye. She stood behind two other women. Appeared, as a result, yet another cloud white and shining, made in the manner of the tower, which soon expanded into a woman dressed in white, who walked quickly over the woods, following them quickly to the valley and then disappear. He reappeared again in the top of the mountain, always dressed in white, with a white veil on her head, accompanied by two women placed at its sides, also dressed in white, who were in the act of reverence.
The appearances were preceded by 4 cases of healing.
Source: "Marian Apparitions" of M.Gamba, ed. Sign with additional information obtained from the respective municipalities. 



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