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Church of Mary, Help of Christians
(Filippsdorf, Germany)

The Church of St. Mary Help of Christians in Dornbusch is the parish church of the surrounding farming communities Dornbusch, Kölsum and Rennekoven. Because of the large distance from the loosely populated rural area to the existing parish churches in Süchteln, Dülken or Lobberich it was 1855-58, first as a chapel, built to a design by the Cologne architect Vincenz Statz. The first preserved written reference to date of bush found in 1465 in a decade -contract of the canon to Matthias Rade (as "dor the bush"; StAKöln, Pantaleon, 421). Besides Dorp / Vorst, Sittard and Hagenbroich Bush was one of the four Honschaften the late medieval Süchteln. Its achievable "by the (High) Busch" farms were the Schultheißenhof and the parish church in Süchteln kurmutpflichtig . 1663 Irmgardis Brotherhood Dornbusch was founded. On 20 March 1854 requested the parish of St. Clement (Süchteln), Pastor Marigold Hoven, the general vicariate Cologne because of the remote location of the Honschaft to build a private chapel in the bush. The site was chosen outside the actual Honschaft to be provided to care for the other Honschaften Rennekoven and Kölsum closer. The foundation stone was laid on 21 November 1855, on 1 December 1857, the new chapel was benefiziert. Upon final completion was for 12 October 1858 Hermann Josef Koch hired as the first rector. Other important steps in the development Dornbusch church in 1862 were the establishment of an elementary school, 30 October 1889 the construction of the chapel community and on 22August 1892 the consecration of the chapel. 1903-09 the chapel was extended structurally to a church. For this purpose, a tower, including subsequent nave is listed Jochen (from John Feldges, Lobberich). The church painter Henry Brey drew funds from 1912 (with Henry Froitzheim) from the new church, as initially last major structural measure was then in 1916 the installation of a heating system. 6th October 1918 finally achieved the desired Dornbusch minister added. The church was 1968-1973 (construction management Lorenz Henenkes) and 1987/88 (tower renovations; Architect: Bolten) set fundamentally repaired.


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Year consecrated: ---
Ecclesiastical status: Church
Architectural style: ---
Address: Filippsdorf , Germany
Coordinates: 51.293864, 6.323132
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