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Madonna del Bosco (Our Lady of the Woods), Montemilone, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy

Commemorated on August 12
Madonna del Bosco (Our Lady of the Woods), Montemilone, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy
The Shrine of the Glorious was built on the slopes of a hill , about 400 meters above sea level , at the behest of the Basilian monks, who preferred to raise their convents and shrines on the banks of rivers or on the mountain ranges , with the intention to raise more and more the spirit to heaven. The site is located about 3 kilometers from the town . the church was built on the design of the brothers Luigi and Ruggiero Sarolo , sculptors of Muro Lucano , which began construction in 1187 and finished in 1189 . The Sanctuary , to see it from a distance, has something magical with his stand on the slope of the hill , and who admires him , remains deeply impresssionato this symbol of the heroic spirit that animated those religious , this impressive testimony to the creative will . The Sacred Temple to the Glorious Virgin stands on a wooded spur that sticks out like a terrace, with a slope that is the wall of the valley , just where it opens like an amphitheater , and the sun in the morning , he kisses the three apses kind . The valley is named with the dialect , " Vallangriid ", ie downstream of the Greeks.
The statue, which was recently restored and adapted , is roughly made , but expressive and full of solemn majesty . The Virgin seated on a throne in the chest tightens the Divine Child . The peculiar characteristics of the statue and , particularly , the crowns of the Virgin and Child, recall those of the French art of the post- Carolingian period , and in these, it is a clear testimony to the influence of Cluny , but his clothes and painted decorations are purely Byzantine and Byzantine unmistakably is the posture of blessing hand of the Child : the two fingers , the index and middle fingers open and the other closed . The temple consists of a classroom divided into three aisles by a double row of pillars with a square plan , with a small base and a base plate projecting blunt mo ' capital. On the pillars , setting the four arches that communicate the aisles between them , the middle of the widest side . Each nave ending in curved apse , surmounted by basin. The presbytery is fairly stated and originally housed the altar consists of a large table of stone resting on a stone square . Both the interior and exterior have been , through the years, tampering and disfigurement , damage easily repairable if succor of good will and generosity of the faithful leaders . What I can never go back in life and can not be returned to the admiration of posterity , unfortunately, is the beautiful decorative painting that covered , literally , the interior of the church.
Recently, further restoration work , were necessary to solve the structural problems of both the Marian shrine , that of the adjacent chapel of the friars.



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