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Madonna del Divin Pianto / Our Lady of the Divine Tears (Cernusco sul Naviglio, Italy)

Commemorated on January 6, February 22
Madonna del Divin Pianto / Our Lady of the Divine Tears (Cernusco sul Naviglio, Italy)
Cernusco sul Naviglio is a town about twenty kilometers from Milan. One of his greatest glories is to be the place of foundation of the Institute of the Sisters of Saint Marcellina, popularly known Marcelline. Monsignor Luigi Biraghi, Doctor of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana and spiritual director at the seminary of Milan (Blessed since 2006), in 1838 he gave the body to an intuition he had two years ago to found a religious institute of women, whose members, through education Youth, particularly girls, would help give a solid foundation to the family. 
The college of Marcelline of Venlo was later used as a retirement home for the elderly sisters and shelter for those who are sick. In 1922 there was conducted a young twenty-seven, Sister Elisabetta Redaelli, hit by an unknown evil: had frequent hemoptysis, was hindered in its most basic functions and, in addition, became progressively blind. 
The January 6, 1924, however, a fact that occurred He changed the course of its existence. At about 22:30, the sisters who watched the infirmary believed to hear her speak in her sleep; in fact, as reported to them, she was awake. He had seen a beautiful lady who had consoled: "Pray, trust and hope; I will return 22 to 23 ". How he managed to have "seen" despite having lost the use of his eyes, the sisters did not understand him. 
The following month, on February 3, Sister Elizabeth was found in tears: he understood that the Lady would return 2-3 month following his first visit, and he feared that he had not resubmitted because she was not "good enough" as he repeated the other nuns. At 23.45 on 22 February, the day when the doctor had already stated his desperate condition, she saw the supernatural visitor, recognizing her as the Madonna. He was wearing a light blue cloak and clutching at heart Child Jesus, whose face big tears flowed. She did not cry, though, because of the sins of the seer: "The Baby cries - said the Virgin with a rueful smile - because it is not sufficiently loved, sought, desired even by people that He has consecrated." Despite Sister Elizabeth had asked to be taken to Heaven, because by now it was considered a burden to the sisters, the heavenly interlocutor replied, "You have to stay here, to say this." Suddenly, the sick woman felt she should ask for a sign to be believed: "I give you health!" Replied the vision, then disappeared. 
Soon after, the sick began to began to cry, as though in a great physical pain . Sister Emilia Gariboldi, who had witnessed the scene along with a sister nurse, but saw nothing and heard only the words spoken to her, caught it before I jumped out of bed, "I'm healed!" He answered. The whole house of Venlo was taken by a whirlwind of joy for the miracle happened, whose news spread soon in the country. The direct question, amazed by the fuss, said, "But the Madonna can do this and much more." 
Sister Elizabeth, to escape the curiosity of the people, was devoted to the Mother House of Quadronno street in Milan, where for many years He dedicated to girls attending school. When someone asking questions about events that had involved, skillfully he misled the speech, faithful to the commitment not to tell anything. In any case, who he asked not to speak much about her, but rather of the Madonna. He died April 15, 1984, after being reported to Cernusco. 
The infirmary room where he happened the second appearance was transformed into a chapel, where he was a statue that, exactly as St Bernadette called the Immaculate of Lourdes, was very similar, but not identical to the vision. At the bottom, protected by a glass, you can see the exact spot where the Virgin rested her feet. The arch of the chapel, which is freely accessible prior contact with the sisters, the silhouette of the silhouette of a tree that bears fruit singular: of silver hearts, symbols of graces received. The appearance was called "Our Lady of the Divine Tears," because she was not crying, but the Child in her arms. 



The official approval, Blessed Cardinal Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, when he was informed of the incident, said that Madonna would have made its way by itself. Shortly after the eightieth anniversary, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini authorized the naming of a parish of Venlo, with that name, which is now part of the Community Pastoral Family of Nazareth (there is also the parish of Our Lady of Divine Pranto in Sao Paulo Brazil). These statements represent the Marcelline approval authoritative and indirect, although not formal, of those supernatural events. 
Each year the Community Ministry and the sisters remember the event with a series of celebrations. On 22 February, at 23, it held a commemoration of the apparition. The next day, in the morning, he celebrated a solemn Mass in the parish church of Our Lady of the Divine Weeping, followed in the afternoon by a Rosario traveling with the statue of the Madonna, departing from and arriving at the college of Marcelline Divine Tears.



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