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Madonna della Brina (Madonna of the Frost), Basella, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy .

Commemorated on April 8
Madonna della Brina (Madonna of the Frost), Basella, Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy .
On 8 and 17 April 1356 the Virgin appeared to Marina Cassone, a teenage peasant.
During the night between 7 and 8 April there had been a heavy frost that devastated the countryside, in the morning the girl's father ran to the field to see the damage.
Observed the destruction of crops, and began to mourn. At that moment a lady with a child's hand, which encourages her, saying that after nine days back to the same place that will tell you what you want from it. A About three kilometers from the city of Urgnano, situated in the right side of the Serio River, lies the village of Basella. It is in the Province of Bergamo, in Lombardy, 11 kms from the city of Bergamo and 45 km from Milan.
There the shrine that commemorates the apparition of the Virgin in the far 1356 is. It is known as the Virgin of Basella and as Our Lady of Frost.
Despite the appearance, the Madonna was at home there, according to archaeological discoveries. From the excavations brought to light the remains of the foundations of a church and an altar that testify to the presence there of a Christian community dedicated to the Virgin. Apparently it was a small farming village decimated as a result of a flood that forced him to emigrate elsewhere.


During the night between 7 and 8 April 1356, a frost awful affects most people expected Bergamo and gloomy perspective of famine.
A sunrise in the morning sad, a girl of 15 years, Marina Casone going with a sad feeling in your heart, to see the damage caused by frost in the camper that was the only recourse for the family. Crops and yolk were burned. A pitiful sight, and the girl breaks mourn and instinctively calls Mary: "Holy Virgin" .
The Lady then appears with a child's hand and asks softly: "Marina, why are you crying?".
"But you see, lady, the frost damage? The poor will starve! " promptly replied the girl.
Mrs. comforts her, "Oh, no! The harvest will not be damaged, and will be more abundant than in other years. "
Marina insists incredulous "But who are you?".
And Mrs. concludes: "Come to this place in nine days and tell you everything."
Nine days later, on April 17, Marina promptly attends morning. The Lady comes to the appointment and said: "You have done well to keep the promise Marina. I am the Mother of God, and have appeared here to comfort you and your countrymen. Here and there was a church dedicated to me. Tell your colleagues who are here to dig and find the ruins. "
Girl coyly says: "Lady mine, no one will believe me."
The Blessed Virgin then collect three stones and placed on the floor and says: "Under these stones is an altar dedicated to me. You say that only the Church, a young priest celebrate Mass, and devote every fortnight renew here the holy sacrifice for the souls of those buried here. "
Prompted a vow of perpetual virginity, and as a sign of devotion to this church, asks which issues a red and blue dress and bring every Sunday to come to church. In addition to select nine virgins with which to be in church next Urgnano Palm Sunday and until time of the Resurrection of Christ. Then shall every Sunday with these girls go to church and to visit all the churches in the territory of Urgnano.


The news flies fast through word of mouth. The simple people believe the words of Marina, but some councilors and consuls of the commune have contempt for history.
Some people begin to dig below the three stones that the beautiful lady has set a benchmark.
Before their eyes, brought to light the altar and the ruins of an old church that was buried for centuries.
By carefully examining the facts, the Bishop of Bergamo, Lanfranco Silvestri, on 1 May 1356 that placed the first stone of the new shrine to the Virgin, before a large crowd.
The enthusiasm is such that in just five months the construction is completed. The shrine became the target of continuous pilgrimages. faithful in solemn procession arrive in tens of thousands of walking barefoot everywhere, silently along the route, as a sign of penance. She is the Virgin who is revealed to all as the Mother of consolation.
In the place where the feet of the Virgin rested, put a Carrara marble statue depicting the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her hand and knees in front of Marina. And written in large letters the words which recall the appearance: "I am the Mother of God appeared here for your comfort."
In the next century Bartolomeo Colleoni condottiero did expand the sanctuary and the building of a convent entrusted to the Dominicans to celebrate the sacred rites and spiritually help the pilgrims.
Everything continued until 1784, when the monastery was abolished by the Venetian Republic.
One hundred years after the church was restored, and in 1920 the monastery was entrusted to the Passionist Fathers. In 1921 the coronation ceremony of the statue of the sanctuary was made.



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