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Madonna della Consolazione (Our Lady of Consolation), Ghisalba (BG), Italy

Commemorated on August 14
Madonna della Consolazione (Our Lady of Consolation), Ghisalba (BG), Italy The origin of the Sanctuary is related to the fact occurred on 08/14/1453. Antoniola, a farmer aged 60, called by the diminutive of Tonolla, the morning had a vision of Mary, while we were having breakfast, that the churches in that place is to erect a chapel and to confirm his request stuck in the throat with the knife Tonolla which cut the bread, saying he would keep him until it had been decided to build the sacred.

Mary said to her:
"I want you to say to the men and women of Ghisalba here that make me build a chapel and so that you may believe, I'll give you a sign.'ll Put your knife in the throat, and no you can raise it until you decide to build me a chapel. "

When Tonolla got the "commitment of the authorities for the construction, it was able to pull the knife from his throat without any consequences.
The amazing fact is documented, as well as written documents of the time, even from a painting divided into three stages: the apparition of Our Lady to Tonolla; Tonolla before the Virgin with the knife in his throat and Tonolla before the authority with the knife in the throat. Under the framework for the entire length reads the history of the fact. In the picture there is reproduced the ancient fresco of 1494 which is located on the outside of the shrine recently discovered.
On the first chapel built at once, was then built a church, rebuilt in the seventeenth century and completely restored in 1850, giving rise to the current sanctuary located about 1 km outside the town with a porch on the front. The onion dome is 1666.
04/26/1925 The Cardinal Eugenio Tosi archbishop of Milan solemnly crowned the statue of Mary. On August 14, we celebrate the memory of the apparition solemnly preceded by a novena. Over the years, Marian statue is transferred in solemn procession to the parish church, where there is exposed for the entire period.



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