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Madonna della Gamba, Desenzano di Albino, Valle, Italy

Commemorated on October 9
Madonna della Gamba, Desenzano di Albino, Valle, Italy
On October 9, 1440 the Virgin Mary appeared in Ventura Bonelli, a farmer of 11 years, daughter of Andreolo de 'Bonelli, fifteen months with the left leg was seriously ill, so that the doctor had decided to amputargliela for that day. In the night between 8 and 9, the vehemence of the pain, the girl stood up and pulled up to the threshold of his house.
Here, in a blinding light, Mary apparsale suddenly knelt down in front of them, discovering the diseased leg, then toltasi from the breast a white diaper, wrapped in which he held the ground, picked it up, the kneaded with the spittle and anointed him limb, then fasciandolo with cloths. Our Lady told her that morning, perfectly healed, he had to show himself to his fellow citizens to spread the miracle, asking about the place was built a sanctuary.
In 1468 was completed the construction of the first sanctuary, called the Ripa. In 1599 it was opened a second, built on the site of the house in Ventura. From the remake of this, around 1740 was born the current sanctuary.
Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Miracle: The Miracle
October 9, 1440
"In Christi appointments amen.
Puella quaedam fuit Bergomensis, Ventura appointments, annorum undecim, born patre Andriolo de Bonellis de Disenzano Vallis Serianae inferioris, admodum pauper, et Egena, et crure left in quindecim menses serious disease laboravit, dies quo in increasing intra genu crus ipsum totum arefactum east, nec vivebat in eo quicquam, excepto quodam nervulo, here tibiam cum copulabat genu ... ".
This is the beginning of the deed witnessing the appearance that it could be so made today:
In the name of Christ, amen.
There was in Desenzano, in Bergamasco, an eleven year old girl named Ventura. She was the daughter of Andreolo of Bonelli Desenzano, of poor economic condition. 
From fifteen months he suffered excruciating pain in his left leg, and the bad got worse every day, to the point that now, from the knee down, the leg he had lost all feeling and remained alive for only a small nerve that connected the knee with the tibia ...
One day in October, the mother brought her to the village of Desenzano Comenduno to be cured, but doctors suggested as the only remedy for leg amputation. The girl's mother was opposed and humiliated by poverty and overcome with grief, took upon his daughter on his shoulders and took the road to Desenzano. Shortly after, exhausted by pain and fatigue, stopped in the church of St. Peter, halfway between Desenzano and Comenduno. The daughter began to comfort his mother, and together they found solace in God and in B.Vergine.
Meanwhile, night had fallen and the mother left alone by the church to gather herbs. But he was attacked by a black and horned beast which caused a great fright and tore off a piece of robe, letting it fall in a field not far from the church. Then the mother took her daughter on her shoulders and took her home. They had already made nearly ten o'clock at night and the pain did not give peace in Ventura. Crawling up to the front door, he saw a great light in the sky and I was surprised.
And he saw a lady approaching her noble appearance, who told her to lift her dress and discover the wounded leg. Ventura remained motionless with surprise. Then the lady lifted her dress, passed his hand on the leg, foot, and toes, and then he took from his breast a white bandage: it took place, took a pinch of earth, bathed in saliva, and smeared it on his leg wounded .
Then he said to the girl to be the Virgin Mary, and ordered that the next day at sunrise, come back in the field where the beast had dropped the piece of garment of the mother, the resumption and threw in the ossuary of the cemetery, on the Churchyard. Then depose the bandage smeared with earth into the slot on the leg of a round rock to Ripa, just above the church of S, Peter, and that there did build a kiosk, and there was painted a picture of her and of her Son , and did you know the miracle in the surrounding area.
Ventura stammered that the condition of the leg did not allow this. Our Lady replied:
"Do not worry, you'll be completely healed."
And it was really so, as Our Lady had said. But when it was day, the thing became known and confirmed by all the neighbors miraculous healing.
In the presence of the eyewitnesses: Concino of the Lords of Comenduno, Franchino Borelli of Desenzano, Benedict was Gataldo of the Lords of Comenduno, Stefanini Mafiolo Marinoni of Desenzano, the Perolino was Perolino of Marinoni, Peter Mafiolo of Solari, Martin of Marinoni Desenzano, and many others, the notary Gabriel was Joseph Borelli of Desenzano stretched out the deed.
A witness to the miracle of the Virgin then sort Venturina Bonelli on the bank overlooking the parish church of St. Peter was built newsstand. In a short time the people of Desenzano, Comenduno, Albino competes with offerings of all kinds because it satisfied the desire of the Virgin.
In Desenzano al Serio (City of Albino) in the province of Bergamo is surrounded by mountains, a shrine known as the Sanctuary of "Madonna della Gamba" in reference to the miracle that gave rise to its construction.
"Venturina Brats, a girl of twelve years old, should have been subjected to amputation of a gangrenous leg that went.'s Mother took her daughter before the altar of the Virgin in the Church of Ripa. Mother and daughter prayed and wept. Was the 8 October 1440. The poor girl was brought to his house, at the center of the country, after a few hours had the Appearance of a stately lady who smiled amiably, claiming to be the Mother of God took her sick leg, and placing a white diaper on his wounds, healed her. To express gratitude to Heavenly Mother, the Bonelli family and the people they provided to expand and decorate the church of Ripa and to invoke Mary as Our Lady of the Miracle. "
Only in 1579 the house where the apparition took place was transformed into a church. The first sanctuary was built in seven years (1592-99), the current one was finished around 1740, three hundred years after the apparitions, rebuilt from the ground up. The main festival occurs October 9, the anniversary of the apparition, preceded by a novena of prayer.
At this shrine come many people who are suffering limb or that must be made for the Virgin Mary to intercede for them.
I remember one Saturday in June took her to the sanctuary thirty participants in our prayer group that did not know him. While we were praying in the crypt heard a woman, who was there before us, burst into tears pouring down. The worried wondered what had happened to her and, still sobbing and leaning with her husband, said that for years he suffered a leg and despite repeated operations could not use the affected limb. But there, in the sanctuary, was suddenly healed and told him while still walking with tears of joy. We called the pastor to whom we told what had happened that she immediately came down to talk to the lady and her husband who, then, came to lunch with us.
After one year while I was in a seaside resort abroad with my wife, we met a group of Bergamo, who lived at Albino. Of course, the conversation turned on the shrine of the Madonna della Gamba and some told us that the sacristan, which made the name a few years before had witnessed a touching scene to the point that when told it was moved again. A mother used to bring the child in a wheelchair, paralyzed because of the lower limbs, lying in front of the Madonna in the crypt of the Shrine. The sacristan he remembered it well as he noted the difficulties of the mother to make the wheelchair down the stairs. One day, while he was checking the church, she saw the child suddenly get up and start walking, arousing the emotions of the mother. Our Lady rewarded the faith of her mother and had healed witnessing Jesus' promise: "Ask and you shall receive, seek and find, knock and it shall be opened, because everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened . Who among you whom if his son ask bread, will give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will give him a serpent?
If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him "(Mt 7,7 f.)
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