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Madonna della Ghianda (Our Lady of the Fruit of the Oak), Mezzana Superiore, Somma Lombardo, Varese, Italy

Commemorated on October 3, March 25
Madonna della Ghianda (Our Lady of the Fruit of the Oak), Mezzana Superiore, Somma Lombardo, Varese, Italy
Graces and miracles of S. Maria del Ghianda (XIII) are documented in rigorous research requested by Cardinal Borromeo and enumerates the gifts hanging exposed in the chapel next to the fresh Michelino: "All around the walls are hanging gifts and donations, images of wax, silk belts, clothes and other things of the like kind; rings and gold and silver are stored in a box two keys "
In Mezzana Superiore, in the populous town of Somma Lombardo Varese provicia in a scenario of open countryside, the historic sanctuary of the Madonna della Ghianda (ghianda = fruit of the oak) arises.
It is a construction architect Pellegrino Tibaldi bolognese, simple and graceful lines.
But the real fascination of sanctuary derived from the suggestive history and the miracle that gave birth and grow the cult of the Madonna della Ghiarda in the thirteenth century. 's life this small village, a series of stacked houses southeast of the church dedicated San Esteban, is the alternative political dominance in the area, he always had a small population and few resources.
North of the church, this raw and dry countryside. It was an area of emigration, which was born there die there. Sporadic news was the passage of soldiers. In this closed society of agricultural economics and civil progress sparse, a prodigious fact in the middle of the thirteenth century altered the course of life of the citizens Mezzana.


A deaf and mute shepherd who used to rest in the shade of an oak tree while watching the sheep of his father , could not hear the sound of the bell, but as he saw the movement was getting ready to return. One morning while I was coming to the shepherd saw a great light oak and remained static.
Through the branches he appeared a lady dressed in blue spoke softly: "Go back to your village, call your father" . The shepherd ran to the dam house a tremendous shock, he told his father the event and invited to follow. Father and daughter with a group of people who had heard the news, went to the oak where the sheep were grazing indifferent.
The lady was gone but had left the witness of his miraculous presence, the deaf and mute shepherd before now spoke and heard, and had all his extraordinary adventure.
A miracle when such moves and moves. The miraculous manifestation of Mezzana shook the area and gave rise to the invocation of St. Mary of the Ghianda. This true Marian faith movement resulted in the construction of a temple in honor of the Virgin Mary under the title Our Lady of Ghianda.

Goffredo da Bussero in 1290 cited a church dedicated to St. Mary in Mezzana and thus testified his existecia and then. But we can say that the Church is made in 3 days, a simple chapel campaign evolved into a small church and then to a fine sanctuary designed by Pellegrino Tibaldi.
At first, this temple of modest proportions was illustrated by artist Michelino Besozzo. The May 20, 1581 describes: "under the oak concavity an image of the Blessed Virgin holding in her arms her infant son is distinguished divine, and displayed the same oak family figures twelve kings of the Virgin, and below of these, other images are the twelve prophets. "
Until the Council of Trent the religious life of the area was subject to squalls wars and disorientation in faith practices, depending on the swarm of new heresies. Following Trento reform activity led to the same Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Carlo Borromeo, the grandson of the reigning Pope Pius IV. In October 1566, the father visited Leonetto Clusone Mezzana Custom Cardinal and saw in detail the sanctuary S. Maria del Ghianda where, without the bell tower and the bells, the Divine worship was exercised: the best demonstration of devotion.
The pastoral visit of St Carlo Borromeo was the July 22, 1570 and for the sanctuary marked the beginning of a new life of mercy. S. Archbishop asked several provisions for the temple, among others solve the access road was tight and tortuous.
Thanks and miracles of S. Maria del Ghianda are documented in a rigorous investigation ordered by Cardinal and enumerates the gifts hanging exposed in the chapel next to the fresh Michelino: "All around the walls are hung gifts and donations images of wax, silk belts, clothes and other things of the like kind; rings and gold and silver are stored in a box two keys. "
The miraculous events considered by the curia were over 60 and many were validated by the testimony of local people and beyond that detailed the healings and miracles obtained.
Clamorous saw miracles, analyzed in the light of science now, hence the great archbishop decided to build a new temple worthy events found. Your trusted architect Pellegrino Pellegrini, and the Glory of monumental works done in Ancona, Loreto, Ravena, Canobbio, Saronno, Bologna, developed the design of a 5 times larger than the primitive church in Renaissance style, one ship to sixty feet tall.
Pellegrini wanted the altar will join the chapel of the early church, thus allowing vision fresco celebration Michelino Besozzo-and six other chapel, three part, were intended for the mysteries of passion, represented the picture a group of statues as was customary in those times.
The life-size statues and carved wood can still admire their beauty. San Carlo approved the project, and ordered the execution party sanctuary set on March 24, the date of the Annunciation, the works were undertaken in 1582.
Mezzana had 350 inhabitants and because of the faith of these little people, the spontaneous and continuous resources of the Pilgrims, but most of the incentive S. Carlo Borromeo also accelerated the relative contribution of large volume, the work could be finished with sufficient means.
The historian says sanctuary only true devotion and great love for the work may explain the result reached by many difficulties, such as the latter, the propaganda that was held at the same time in favor of another famous shrine of S . María del Monte in Varese.
In subsequent centuries the cult of Our Lady of Ghiarda was comfort amidst the scourge of war and pestilence. The legacy of legacy documents show the growing veneration of Our Lady.
The successors of the Holy Carlo in the government of the archdiocese of Milan also showed them attention to religious activity Ghiarda sanctuary. Specifically, Cardinal Giuseppe Pozzobonelli, he gave one hundred days indulgence granted to each visitor to the chapel the appearance, the Cardinal Gaisruch considered as a revelation and the frequency of visits to the shrine of Mezzana fidelity, the October 3, 1936 Cardinal Schuster gave the hundred days of indulgence.
Patronage and celebrations
Our Lady is patron Ghianda especially the deaf, people who have trouble hearing and speaking and, more generally, for people with health problems. 's extraordinary event Madonna, who has recovered Mezzana a deaf girl always inspires prayer in the sanctuary, with renewed confidence in subsidiary Maria SS.
Also search GOD to particular problems of life and faith, and fears to become "DEAF - DUMB" spiritually. According to St. Augustine "We are Christ's and Christ are." But how much hard work and how far from that ideal! ... Much respect for human declare with sincerity and consistency our faith!
The Madonna of Ghianda is also known as the patron saint of young husbands and families since 1630. Bishop Scipione Visconti, that year in Rome, ordered in his will in favor of sanctuary mezzanese the sum of 10,000 crowns, revenues in part to support the poor congregation of St. Lawrence, and, in part, to constitute a dowry Wedding a certain number of poor girls, to be circumvented every year from a list prepared by communities Arsago, Besnate, Vergiate Vinago, Crenna, Cimbro and Mezzana. The allocation of the sum providential for the wedding dowry, happened after a procession to the baptistery of Arsago Ghianda sanctuary in following the feast of the Annunciation, March 25, to which the shrine is dedicated Sunday. This custom was finished with the first great world war (1915-1918).


The shrine has two feasts a year: Spring Festival, the liturgical feast of the Annunciation (March 25). The celebration of autumn, Consecration or Dedication of the sanctuary, on 3 October or first Sunday in October.
Sometimes the two parties renewed in the spring, the sacrament of the young couple, and autumn weddings silver, gold, diamond, etc. spouses are held.


Oh Blessed Virgin Mary of the Ghianda, 
Mother of the Redeemer and Mother of the Church 
teach us to hear the word of God, 
let us available for the kingdom of God, 
help us to love like Jesus, your son, 
guide us, always, like your kids , 
intercede for us, 
now and in the evidence of our lives.
Oh Mary our Mother, 
show unto us 
Give us Jesus, 
make us like Jesus. 



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