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Madonna di Pinè, Montagnaga, Trento, Italy

Commemorated on May 14
Madonna di Pinè, Montagnaga, Trento, Italy Domenica Targa of Guardia, thirty years old, was busy supervising the cattle grazing,which suddenly, with no apparent visible reason, started running in all directions as if he were crazy. The shepherdess then began to cry out: "Mary, Jesus, help me." As soon as she uttered these words, the Virgin Mary appeared before her with a white veil on her head, and thus addressed her: "You called Jesus and Mary for help and they will help you ... Do you promised once again to visit Our Lady of Caravaggio? But do not go to Caravaggio! Go rather to the Feast of the Ascension of Christ in the chapel of St. Anne in Montagnaga. There you will find a portrait of the Blessed Virgin by Caravaggio. Kneel down and address your prayers with a sincere heart to Jesus and Mary, then you will see miraculous things. " Sunday shewent to the chapel of St. Anne in Montagnaga, while praying fervently, she again had an apparition of Mary. The robe of the Blessed Virgin radiated a golden light shining, crowned with a diadem on her head and gave off rays of clear light, even the Child Jesus, who was in his arms, he was dressed all in gold. In the right hand of the Madonna holding a crown, she said: "I am Mary, the Mother of the Lord. Please tell this apparition to the local priest. Do not be afraid! Nothing bad will happen to you. I will be with you. In my name you must announce that every year on this day is set up a feast. " Only a few believed the story and especially the priest showed himself very skeptical. In another appearance, the Virgin said on Sunday: "I chose this place as the throne of my Mercy. Those who care to pray there with living faith and grace will not return home empty-handed. Take care that a church be built for large mass flow to my devotees. " After other vicissitudes, in 1730, an ecclesiastical investigation was ordered on the case which resulted in a positive opinion. A sanctuary was built and consecrated in 1750. She led a life of deep Christian devotion and died in 1764.



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