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Nossa Senhora Medianeira de Todas as Graças (Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces), Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Commemorated on Second Sunday of November, May 31
Nossa Senhora Medianeira de Todas as Graças (Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces), Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Desiré Cardinal Mercier of Belgium (d. 1926) promoted devotion to Mary as Mediator of All Graces, and in 1921 the Pope proclaimed May 31 her feast day. In 1928, Father Inácio Valle, 25, a newly ordained Jesuit priest, came to serve as spiritual director at the seminary in Santa Maria in southern Brazil. Using a Belgian holy card of Marie Médiatrice, he inspired such faith in her that two years later she was credited with saving the city from armed conflict. Young Ida Stefani, later a Franciscan sister, copied the sacred image onto canvas, along with the quotation from St. Bernard, "God's will is that we receive everything through Mary." On May 31, 1930, the seminary celebrated the feast of Nossa Senhora Medianeira de Todas as Graças. A sanctuary was begun in 1935 and consecrated in 1985, two years after Fr. Valle's death. On January 5, 1987, the Vatican proclaimed the modern shrine a "Minor Basilica," an honor accorded to a few important churches worldwide.  For the annual Romaria on the second Sunday of November, pilgrims come from all over the state. (Information and image from  



Patron Do Rio Grande Do Sul "Mediatrix of all graces on earth pour the heavens, we hope in you that makes us O Mary ascend to God" (D. Aquino Corrêa). When we profess our praying the prayer of faith I believe, we proclaim that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary. We want perchance refer to two different people: the son of the person of God and that he was born of the virgin Mary? Absolutely not! It is one and the same person which, being God and man, is the son of God in the divine nature and is the son of Mary, according to human nature. It was based on this fact that the holy Fathers teach that the virgin mother of God. It is good to always remember that, God willing redeem mankind, laid down the price of redemption in the hands of Mary. St. Albert the Great tells us that. "Maria companion passion became cooperating in redemption" . In the Middle Ages we find a number of theologians who speak explicitly in mediation and co-redemption of Our Lady A well-known theologian experienced only by Arnaldo tells us that on Calvary "There were two altars: one in Mary's heart and another in the body of Jesus. While the Christ immolated his flesh, Mary immolated his soul. " Intersodalícia "which says:" On March 22, 1918, the then Pope Benedict XV classically expressed the doctrine of co-redemption of Mary in the encyclical "in such a way Mary suffered and almost died with his patient and dying child; so resigned to her maternal rights, and to placate divine justice, ran as was in their power to the sacrifice of his son, who just can say that with Christ redeemed mankind. " A few years before, ie on September 8, 1894 Pope Leo XIII, using the phrase of St. Bernardine of Siena, just completed his encyclical, "Semper Incunda": - "All the grace that gives this world has a threefold origin: for a beautiful order, the Father is passed to the Son, the Son of the Blessed Virgin and her ultimately to us. " It is a mediation through intercession. It is said that Jesus Christ to honor his mother has determined that all the graces that he deserved us, were not exempted mankind but through it. We conclude that the Holy Spirit descended upon the Virgin Mary and the apostles, when they were in prayer in the Upper Room Church solemn moment of birth. So her divine motherhood, Mary became co-redeemer, obtained the mediator role and became the Mother of the Church, of which she is the perfect model. The feast of Our Lady Mediatrix of all graces, was instituted by Pope Benedict XV in 1921, and your date May 30. TABLE OF MEDIANEIRA The Cardinal Primate of Belgium designed the icon we know today, and both sought in Holy Scripture the symbols shown on it. Sun Mercier found in the book of the prophet Ezekiel a vision that speaks "The glory of God filled the whole temple." In the table we see the Holy Trinity, where God the Father is an elder (eternity of God), crowned (all powerful) that receives the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Only sacrifice acceptable to God that i would be offered from sunrise to sunset, as prophesied Malachi. The Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, is between the two, like a dove. At God's feet, six cherubs six wings, as the prophet Isaiah: "Cherubim with six wings fluttered in the temple, saying. Holy, Holy is the Lord God of hosts" The letters Alpha and Omega, the first and the last of the Greek alphabet, remind us that God is the beginning and the end of all things. All the privileges of Our Lady comes from the merits of Jesus on the cross. Therefore, thanks to lightning, descend from the crucified on Mary and her about the world. Remember the phrase of St. Bernard: "The will of God is for us to receive everything through Mary." We see Our Lady with open arms, position prayer interceding for us, day and night, leading to Jesus our desires and bringing the blessings and divine graces. The icon was painted by the Franciscan Sister Angelita Stefani. IN RIO GRANDE DO SUL The devotion was brought in 1928 by the Jesuit Brother Ignatius Valle Belgium and entered the seminary St. Joseph in the city of Santa Maria. Two years later, ie in 1930, the city was threatened by an armed struggle, when a group of pilgrims was the seminar pray the Mediatrix. Tempers calmed and peace reigned again. In a gesture of gratitude, a much larger group returned to the seminary to thank the intercession of the Virgin Mediatrix. Since then an increasing number until today participates in the State of Our pilgrimage Lady Mediatrix, on the second Sunday of November. The Rio Grande people always expresses more your love and gratitude to the patron state. Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of all graces, pray for us who have recourse to you. Peace and Good!



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