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Nostra Signora di Bonaria / Our Lady fo Bonaria (Cagliari, Italy)
Cagliari, Italy (1370)

Commemorated on First Sunday of July, March 25, April 24
Nostra Signora di Bonaria / Our Lady fo Bonaria (Cagliari, Italy) On 25 March, while in the whole Church celebrates the Annunciation of the Virgin, in a solemn manner in Bonaria remembers a key date in its history: the arrival of the statue of the Virgin prodigious, which took place in the year 1370. The small church dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary from that day became the Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria. 

On April 24, 1870, on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the arrival of the Virgin Mary, the statue delta Virgin was crowned in a solemn ceremony by decree of the Vatican Chapter. On this occasion the Pope St. Pius X sent his apostolic blessing, stating that this was the day for the liturgical celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Bonaria. 


The story of its origin: A ship, probably coming from Spain, headed for Italy, when suddenly she was seized by a terrible storm. The captain, in a last attempt to save at least the men, ordered them to throw overboard all the ship's cargo. There was also a large chest, of which the master and s'ignorava content. It was thrown last. Suddenly, as if by magic, the storm ceased. He tried to resume the desired course but the ship, almost compelled by mysterious forces, followed the case that, after some time, ran aground on the beach at the foot of the hill of Bonaria. 

A large crowd, including the religious and civil authorities, came to the beach to realize the incident. All contemplated the case wondering what the mysterious secret enclose.They tried to open it, but none succeeded. He tried to lift it, but every effort was in vain.The box was too heavy. Suddenly, a voice of a child - a little child in his mother's arms - shouted: Call the friars of Mercy! These arrived quickly and without any difficulty, lifted the heavy case and carried it in their church. What could contain this mysterious case, and why only the men were able to lift and carry in that sacred place? 

In an atmosphere of silence and piety, religious opened the case and remained, along with all those present, astonished to see its contents. In that case there was a wonderful statue of the Madonna with the Child in her arms, and in his right hand a lighted candle. The prophecy was fulfilled between Charles. Mary, the great lady, come from the sea, he had chosen his house on the hill of Bonaria. 


The statue of the Virgin and Child, was carved from a single piece of wood carob, one meter and 56 centimeters in height. 

"Her head is uncovered with long hair, no envelopes, spread majestically over her shoulders. The angelic countenance is natural color to brown, to exact proportions, majestic and loving at the same time. From the neck down to the feet as wide and long crimson robe, which just tick the right foot, beautifully painted, almost broccatelle gold, and narrow at the waist by a stylish embroidered belt. 

This covers a large blue cloak with the projections of exquisite crafting a golden flowers, which saddled the chest, ripiegasi the right arm under the left with much grace. Protruding from the mantle the right hand with the arm stretched out somewhat; and the thumb is closer to the other fingers joined almost in the act of supporting a candle. With her left hand supports the Child and naked beauty, who has very curly hair and discriminated against on the forehead, brings a globe in his left hand, and his right hand is in the act of blessing " 


St. Pius X, September 13, 1907, Our Lady of Bonaria proclaimed Patroness of Sardinia. 

Pope Paul VI honored with his presence the celebration of the sixth centenary, April 24, 1970. 

Pope John Paul II was a pilgrim to Bonaria October 20, 1985.
 Pope Benedict XVI came to honor Our Lady of Bonaria September 7, 2008 

The first Sunday in July, finally, we celebrate the summer festival in honor of Our Lady of Bonaria. It 'a popular festival, founded by some young veterans of the war fought against the Austrians in 1866. On this occasion, the whole city is mobilized. The statue of the Virgin Mary, Patroness of Sailors, leaves the house, and crossing Viale Bonaria between two wings of cheering people head towards the port where salt on a tugboat along with the clergy, and many of the faithful, placed on other boats, they follow the boat leading the Lady. Together they tour the wide gulf of Angels. Once off from a military helicopter are thrown overboard laurel wreaths - precedentetnente blessed - in memory of the fallen of all wars. Then return to Bonaria, where the Archbishop concludes the celebrations with a speech and blessing. 

These three festivals always attract a huge number of faithful from every part of Sardinia. It 'a wonderful spectacle that offered by this pious and devout people, who with great sacrifice, especially in the past, embark on their pilgrimage to pray at Mary's feet, get under her maternal protection, seek help for their loved ones and give thanks.  


Here we are again before Thee, O Most Holy Virgin of Bonaria, rest assured that in your goodness you still want to bend down towards us and hear us. 

Salve Regina 

There are six hundred years that Sardinia has a special title to your protection, since, with a delicate and wonderful gesture of fondness, thou didst that your beautiful statue landed on our shores and so you became the conquering most benign and most distinguished guest of those who landed on this' island in the troubled centuries of its history. 
Since that blessed day the Christian story of our land are linked to your name; your hill rose incessantly our fathers with a prayer on the lip driven away from the anxiety, the confidence, hope, trust. You have resorted to when the war was raging, when the raging pestilence and famine, when the storm scourged the fragile wood which relied on our beautiful sea and treacherous, when malice of men, by dint of elements or adversity of the times made them feel abandoned , helpless, the poor, the oppressed;at your feet always found solace and relief. To Thee are then recovered by singing to celebrate the thousand thanks to Thee, ask for the liberation from evil and fear, happy events in their lives of people and the people. 

Salve Regina 

With the same faith and the same momentum of our ancestors we now come back to you. 

See, caring Mother, how difficult moral and material still afflict us: the fruits of the land and labor are not enough for our sustenance and that of our families; to many of us work still missing or the house or the safety of tomorrow; many of our loved ones to get a less uncertain broken bread unless they are forced to emigrate; the ardor and the need to assert our young people are often seen frustrated or misled. It is not always the truth, justice, respect, meekness inspire our dealings with each other and often the same progress we believe we have achieved threatens to distract us from you and from your divine Son, our salvation and our life. We therefore need, now as before, complacent in your maternal care. Keep us in the ancient faith, honesty and sobriety, which are the characteristics of your spiritual face of these people. Help us even in the arduous task of promoting in our own island and that social and economic development that is a condition of tranquility and peace. 

Salve Regina 

It's that next to you, Mother of the Church, we feel united in a fruitful communion of love with the whole people of God and with his shepherds, the pope and our bishops, in the commitment to create a world more human and more Christian in the awareness of the responsibilities of each individual and in willing and neat convergence of these at the service of the community. May we grow in unity and love. Let us acknowledge Thee for ever more sincerely the family of God; may we walk together generously towards the Father's house. 

Salve Regina, Cagliari, April 1970. 
Archbishop Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio 


Chiesa di Nostra Signora di Bonaria

Chiesa di Nostra Signora di Bonaria (Cagliari, Italy)

On April 24, 1870, on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the arrival of the Virgin Mary, the statue delta Virgin was crowned in a solemn ceremony by decree of the Vat...

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