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Our Lady, Help of Christians
Filippsdorf, Germany (1866)

Commemorated on January 13
Our Lady, Help of Christians
Filippsdorf,also known as Philippsdorf, or nowadays as Filipov is a pilgrimage site in the north of Bohemia - pre 1918 one of the crown lands of the Austrian Hungarian monarchy with German as the proncipal language.after 1918 it came to the new state of Czechoslovakia apart from the time when the area became part of Germany with the name Sudetenland.The town is ecclesiastically speaking in the diocese of Leitmeritz/Litomerice.
In this town there lived a weaver by the name of Magdalena Kade (1835 - 1903) who was in 1866 very ill.On the 13th January at 4 a.m. the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to her and promised healing.On the next day she was found to be ,miraculously,cured and lived on in good health for many years. Her house,visited by the BVM,was given the title of 'Gnadenhaus' house of Grace, and a few years later with increasing visits by pilgrims, the curate of Philippsdorf,Kaplan Franz Storch,started the building of a 'Gnadenkapelle' (chapel of grace) which was was replaced by a monumental church unter the titel of Maria,Helferin der Christen (Mary,Help of Christians). Priests of the Redemptorist order were made responsible for the church and the church was made a Minor Basilica(giving it ,of course,papal approval).
The important feast day is 13th January when a Mass is concelebrated in this Nordboehmische Lourdes (North Bohemian Lourdes)( and to a lesser extent on the 13th of each month) by bishops from the Czech republic and Germany.
When many was made of miracle working icons in the Orthodox lands these ar very common also in the area of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire at the intersection of the Roman and Byzantine 
A well known and much revered 'Gnadenbild' is the Madonna of Tschenstochau/Czestochova in Poland and these 'Gnadenbilder' can be found all over Austria.
I'll mention only one ,Maria Plain, on a hill above Salzburg.It was for this Gnadenbild that Mozart composed the Coronation Mass.
Without recounting any stories you have such centres in Austria as Maria Poetsch,Maria Lanzendorf,Mariazell,Maria Schmolln,Maria Taferl,Maria im Elend zu Embach,Maria Waldrast,Maria Bildstein,Maria Luggau,Maria Saal,Maria Trost,Maria Strassengel,Maria Rain etc.etc.etc. plus my favourite local one Maria Woerth.


Church of Mary, Help of Christians

Church of Mary, Help of Christians (Filippsdorf, Germany)

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