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Our Lady of Montligeon, La Chapelle-Montligeon, France

Commemorated on September 19
Our Lady of Montligeon, La Chapelle-Montligeon, France
The statue of Our Lady of Montligeon, which overlooks the main altar is the work of Italian sculptor Giulio Tadolini. Installed in 1919, it measures 3.7 meters and weighs 13 tons . The Virgin Mary presents the child Jesus, symbolizing eternal life. At his feet, two female characters are similar. One, supplicating, sitting in the purifying flames of Purgatory , exchange a look full of confidence with the Virgin Mary who extends his hand in a sign of intercession. The other, hands on chest, expression of thanksgiving, based on the cloud and receives from the hands of the Child Jesus the crown of the elect. These two women are actually one soul in different stages of his posthumous life.
On 19 September 1935, the statues of the Virgin and the Child Jesus was solemnly crowned by Cardinal Verdier. Tiaras, goldsmith works of Jordan, has been made thanks to the generosity of pilgrims who offered their alliances, rings necklaces and jewelry ..


Our Lady Liberatix,
have mercy on all our departed loved ones,
especially on those who are most
in need of the Lord's mercy.
Intercede for those who have gone before us
that the purifying love of God
may lead them to full deliverance.
May our prayer, united with the prayer
of the whole Church,
obtain for them a joy beyond all their desires,
and bring consolation
and relief to our loved ones
in their suffering and distress.
Mother of the Church,
help us, pilgrims on earth,
the better to live each day our journey
towards the Resurrection.
Heal our wounds of heart and soul.
Help us to become witnesses of the Unseen God,
seeking already the things that the eye cannot see.
Grant us the grace of becoming apostles of Hope,
like watchmen waiting for the dawn.
Refuge of sinners and Queen of all Saints,
gather us all one day, in Our Father's House,
or the eternal Easter,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.




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