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Our Lady of the Cape (Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada)
Trois-Rivières, Canada (1879)

Commemorated on June 22, October 7
Our Lady of the Cape (Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada)
It was the year 1879. The pastor of the small church of the town of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canada, was in front of a serious problem: the winter had been too soft ... Those who have already experienced the intensity of winter in North America with its cutting winds, heavy snow and temperatures jig bones obviously find strange to see the priest in prayer, thanking not so benign station to implore the Blessed Virgin with fervor, cold, very cold ... 
Our Lady, as a mother knew what he wanted and responded generously.


And this is our story, in which venerate the application and the zeal with which Mary guides her children for the glory of Christ our Lord. P. Desilets When received, in 1864, the little church in the French-speaking province, found a parish in crisis.
Having been a long time without a pastor, just getting travelers visiting parents who administered the sacraments in churches of that vast territory, many faithful became indifferent to the Catholic Faith. 's chapel, despite being so small, was too broad for the small number of faithful attending Mass even.
In this unfortunate situation, the new pastor went to the Blessed Virgin, under the invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary. Zealously encouraged his parishioners to pray the Rosary with devotion. He preached the beauty and power of this prayer so dear to Mary and devoted to her community.
A few, the results were felt. wonders Grace was operating in the souls, and the priest, after 15 years of arrival, was in front of a serious and nice problem was to build a larger church.
In agreement with his parishioners, he decided to start the project in the winter, when the broad St. Lawrence River, passing near the church, is frozen and the area is transformed into a road sign ice , through which can pass horses and sleds, carrying stones and other materials needed for construction, much cheaper than ship transport process.
The P. Desilets and his parishioners begin prayers for the ice to form rapidly. Meanwhile, an unexpectedly mild winter in the months of December, January and February was delaying the completion of the plan.
The pastor, redoubling his fervor, Our Lady promised that if she obtuviese an ice bridge, he not only built a new church, but preserve the anterior and devoted to his honor, under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary. March came and the rains began. Parishioners with common sense and little faith, the pastor suggested to wait until the following winter.
But the priest continued praying, full of confidence in Mary, arguing that without construyese the church in that year, many masses would not be held and therefore perhaps not many sins would be avoided. Since spring is coming, but interestingly, or perhaps miraculously, the temperature began to drop suddenly.
The feast of St. Joseph, patron and protector of Canada approached. The coadjutor father announced there would be a Mass on March 19 in honor of the chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin, in which he would ask for his intercession, the formation of the ice bridge.
After the Mass, along with some parishioners, the priest was to examine how the river was. What was not everyone's surprise, when they saw the strong wind of the previous day had brought large blocks of ice, which fit perfectly so I formed a bridge. Filled with joy, ran back to tell what happened to P. Desilets and all the people.
With redoubled energy, the entire community was put to work, taking advantage of this marvel operated by God. The pastor, who had prayed countless rosaries for obtaining miracle, unfortunately could not be with his parishioners, due to a sudden illness. But he wrote a letter encouraging the faithful, which was read to them by the father coadjutor: "Your persevering prayers are now being answered. Against all expectations, we now have a bridge by which we can pass loading stones for our church. See the power of prayer ... "
Work began on the very feast of St. Joseph and continued for some days. In a single day passed 175 sleds full of stones by the "Puente del Rosario" (as it was popularly dubbed the ice bridge).
All were engaged in the work without interruption. It was extraordinary, a true miracle! Something truly impossible! - Told one of these years later.
The pastor called for all women and all children to pray the Rosary, as the project was transformed into reality, and he was seen many times, rosary in hand, praying before an image of the Virgin, in the church. accustomed men to pray many "Hail Marys" while working. Finally, at the precise moment the amount of stones needed for the construction of the new church was completed, the bridge began to undo. Then the supernatural action became apparent.
On the feast of the Holy Rosary of the following year, the new church was opened and the old little church above became known as Chapel of the Rosary , turning quickly into a place of pilgrimage. Nevertheless, Father Desilets craved a new sign from heaven, which confirm that their wishes were consistent with those of Our Lady.
On the day of the official dedication of the chapel in honor of Mary, the priest was praying before the image of Our Lady of the Rosary, when something extraordinary happened. The fact witnessed by several people, and was described by one witness:
"The image of the Virgin, whose eyes are directed down, suddenly rises and lingers long with them fully open. The gaze of the Virgin was firm and directed forward. I could not be an illusion, because his face was lit entirely due to the bright rays of sun coming through the windows, which also illuminated the whole sanctuary. Well-trained eyes were black and in perfect harmony with the features of his face. "
Signal was granted!. Our Lady showed thereby his Canadian children, and the world, that she not only caters the orders placed through the recitation of the Rosary, but also comes with an attentive maternal gaze, those who resort to it with confidence.
Cap-de-la-Madeleine became the National Shrine of Canada , and reviving the devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary, great invocation that will always be the universal Mediatrix of all Catholics.


O Virgin Immaculate,
Mother of Christ and of the Church,
we worship Thee in your Shrine

under the designation of
Our Lady of the Rosary!

O Our Lady of the Cape,

open again your eyes upon us,

cast a glance of compassion

over everything that we entrust to Thee,

over everything that we are enduring,

over everything that we are hoping for.

In Thy valiant intercession,

please obtain for us from the Lord

anything that we need most

during our pilgrimage upon the earth:

a greater faith, a greater charity,

a stronger hope, a life of holiness.

Grant us that we may walk into the steps of Thy Son,

of so many Saints and Blessed ones,

as soon as hereunder until into heavens.
Yoland Ouellet, o.m.i.
Rector of Our Lady of the Cape Shrine



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