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Santa María de la Pampa, Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina

Commemorated on October 16
Santa María de la Pampa, Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina
In 1986, the bishop of Santa Rosa and the Discalced Carmelite Sisters began planning to establish a convent in Santa Rosa, an agricultural hub in the Argentine plains and capital of La Pampa Province. They decided to call the new community Santa María de la Pampa, and the sisters designed and commissioned an image of the Virgin holding the Child in a native poncho. The ceramic image arrived in 1989, before the nuns did. On March 19, 1994, the Monastery was finally inaugurated. The new image of St. Mary spread through the region, finding a place in the lobby of the Provincial Legislature in 1995. On October 16, 1998, a copy was installed in the narthex of Santa Rosa Cathedral, between the papal and provincial flags, in the presence of the Governor and other officials. Ever since, October 16 has been Santa María de la Pampa's special day. Since 2002, a procession from the Cathedral to the Monastery takes place on the following Saturday, followed by mass at the convent chapel. (Information  and picture from "Santa María de la Pampa,"  


The Community of Discalced Carmelite Sisters of the Archdiocese of Rosario decided in August 1986 to satisfy the desire of Bishop Atilano Vidal, former Bishop of Santa Rosa (La Pampa), who sought to found a Carmel in the city. 
thought put future monastery under the protection of the Virgin and name that expresses Mary's presence in this land that she had taken over from their racial and historical origins. 
was emerging and the invocation: "SANTA MARIA DE LA PAMPA," and the desire to modeling an image plastically express the content of the name. 
But far were presumably the invocation and the "poncho" of the Virgin, and had a miraculous story that revealed later and said that the title was a request of the Virgin ...
These Carmelites, feeding on his heart a deep love for this land, they set attentive attitude to welcome signs that Mary was presenting them as the inspiration had to get it from her.
Thus gradually was suggesting to the sisters how to model it, so tell your children pampeanos She is the Mother of all times, from the awakening of the race to this day.
Intention was to wear the poncho rustic manner of the first inhabitants: the Indian, the gaucho. His head does not look crown, but covers a small veil (headscarf) peasant. His body, in an attitude of Walker, revealed as the first missionary evangelization through paths of these lands entrañadas in love motherhood.
His commitment is to bring your poncho coat Jesus - "which saves" - even the most remote parts of this vast land, contemplating the divine-human Son of God is His Son mystery.
A singular tenderness is drawn over his face: it is Jesus that you close on his chest hugging each of the Pampas with its pains and sorrows, joys and hopes children. Everyone protects their mother poncho.
Knowledge after a historic event, was excited and confirmed that the image Sisters of St. Mary of La Pampa was all inspiration of the Virgin herself.
This is what happened in the aboriginal time that dominated these locations, Jorge Salvaire lazarista father, who was in charge of the Chapel of the Virgin of Luján, the Villa of the same name (Buenos Aires Province).
He arrived in the vicinity of what is Macachín (Province of La Pampa) today in order to negotiate the release of a captive Indians suspected that the priest was a spy and traitor also made him prisoner.
As he had tied to a tree and deliberating about whether to kill him, the priest promised the Blessed. Virgin of Lujan its title, erect a shrine if left free.
At that moment comes another cacique. Seeing him and recognize him as he had saved his life on one occasion, which promised a tragic outcome, the poncho was removed and tossed it onto the priest. With this gesture told of his race that he offered his protection and should give freedom.
The Indian poncho saved the life of the priest, fulfilling his promise, he erected the National Shrine of the Argentines. gesture in the poncho, the Virgin Mary manifested their powerful intercession for their children who come to her with faith.
In August 1989, and preceding the Carmelite sisters-I came the first image of ceramics. The Monastery "SANTA MARIA DE LA PAMPA" would be a reality March 19, 1994.
The October 20, 1995, "Santa Maria de la Pampa" is enthroned in the Provincial Legislature. From the entrance hall, his image recalls the constant protection and intercession of the Blessed Virgin on this people.
In 1998, another image is placed in a chapel dedicated in his honor, in the so-called "Square Seca" city of General Pico. Also does his Municipality Arata (August 29) and other institutions. The small image ambassador of this people is cultural exchange.
The October 16, 1998 (Feast of La Pampa), with the presence of the Governor and other high provincial authorities, the image of "Santa Maria de la Pampa" is enshrined in the atrium of the Cathedral of Santa Rosa, flanked by papal flag and the provincial flag.
That day is now devoted to honor the Blessed. Virgin under this new invocation. From the Jubilee year, as every year, the day following October 16 Saturday (party La Pampa), a pilgrimage on foot is from the Cathedral to the Chapel of the Monastery of the Carmelite sisters, praising, thanking, asking thanks Our Lord through the Virgin Mother. She, home under his mother poncho to incarnate Son of God, present our Father God through His Son, all the intentions and desires of our hearts.
The celebration organized jointly by the City and Diocese be echoing this devotion pilgrimage from the Cathedral to the monastery dedicated to Our Lady of La Pampa, craft fairs, central cultural event with the participation of communities that populated these lands. 


To you who are the Mother you love tenderly, 
we come to offer our lives, 
and tell you that we love: 
What are your children we trust 
. in the power of your protection 
Take us to your heart 
by the Child resting in your arms, 
comfort us in sorrow, 
strengthen us against temptation. 
let us grow in faith, hope 
and love for God and neighbor. 
Canned within us 
the joy of being children of the Church. 
Move us to make us 
enthusiastic evangelizers of the United . 
And your blessing be with us, Mother, 
to see the beauty of God in Heaven. 



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