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Virgen de Itatí

Commemorated on July 9
Virgen de Itatí
Our Lady of Itatí is a celebrated wooden representation of Virgin Mary in the city of Itatí, Corrientes Province, Argentina.
According to legend, it saved the life of 17th Century Jesuit missionary Friar Luis de Bolaños.
In 1950 a Basilica was built with one of the tallest domes in South America.

The Virgin of Itatí is a Marian image is venerated in the city of Itatí , province of Corrientes , Argentina . The devotion goes back to a Jesuit legend, according to which the recitation of a rosary would have saved the missionary Jesuit Spanish Luis de Bolaños and natives that this had converted to Catholicism from an attack by natives who fought the conquerors. The legend says that the passage of Yaguarí stream opened in half and the rebels retreated and dispersed, leaving the people of Itatí safe, thanks to the intervention of the Virgin.
Today is the patron saint of the province of Corrientes, and enjoys great popular devotion. The Basilica of Itatí mounted to the faithful is a major Catholic pilgrimage centers of the country.





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