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Virgen de la Elevación / Virgin of the Lift (Santa Rosa, Ambato, Tungurahua, Ecuador)

Commemorated on November 13, August 30
Virgen de la Elevación / Virgin of the Lift (Santa Rosa, Ambato, Tungurahua, Ecuador)
By the year 1695, a desperate drought lived the northern fields of the Royal Audience of Quito, Republic of Ecuador today. this situation with an evil plague of smallpox were together, and continuous tremors. shortages forced a neighbor Tumbaco, Sebastian Soria to send to his Indian servant, good Christian and devoted to southern markets. by the road along the slopes of Carihuairazo (5.106m) returns the Indian, Juan Chacarín of your trip and take refuge under a huge stone in Chiquicahua (on the spell) to a height of 3.419m near Pilahuin, located 19Km the north east of Ambato. 
VISION OF INDIGENOUS JUAN CHACARIN Under a deep sleep and wake up a voice full of clarity and in the midst of the great light, a noble lady who kindly smiles. she wears a monastic tunic embroidered with gold and sown arrebuja a blanket of stars, wears a crown of queen, their dazzling rays form its support under his feet shining moon and an angel opens her arms and wings, in their Mrs. hands brings a beautiful child, and one of rock, a lily, an apple, a discipline and a tiny temple.  
MESSAGE: I am Mary the Virgin without stain, I am the guardian of these peoples. It is my wish to go to the priest of Santa Rosa and say "I have appeased the Lord" ... do not neglect the salvation that can go to eternal punishment, monitor and have clean conscience. do penance for mercy, pray the rosary with my scapular. make an image that represents me, edifiquenme a chapel, I will hope in it. if no complete change of life -The reform fully befall an earthquake as a punishment for sin. 
This great apparition of Our Lady of the Indian Juan Chacarín elevation was at dawn on Sunday 13 November 1695. The Indian seeks to Fray Francisco Araujo sacerote pastor of Santa Rosa, to give the message, does not give importance to the words of Chacarín. Three years after the earthquake struck on 20 June 1698, houses and temples collapse and prey population is greater horror. then the Fray Francisco understands the truth of the words of indigenous and promotes the search for the seer to find him in Tumbaco Quito, which is sent to paint the image of the Virgin appeared and Sebastian Soria mensajea donor box.   
1 .- Under bows and flowers image comes to Santa Rosa, and with it the first party celebrated its appearance, and since then, the Indians celebrated the second Sunday of November each year. until today it is the diocesan pilgrimage.  
2. The quake February 4, 1797, I revived the devotion to the Mother of God in the village of Santa Rosa within 15 days of the disaster became a party, it was a Sunday before Carnival . known as the white party or the town center. party  
3. May the month of Mary .. where from the restoration of the image December 6, 1946 by Fr. José Abel Vascones and Andrade. whole diocese pilgrimage to her shrine: the Clergy with their Bishop, the religious communities, schools and Catholic schools, movements and institutions. He held the last Sunday of May pilgrimages Mass.  
4. The August 30 is celebrated the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima patron.




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