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Virgen de los Milagros, Almaguer, Cauca, Colombia

Commemorated on October 18, March 31
Virgen de los Milagros, Almaguer, Cauca, Colombia
In 2001, communist guerillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) brutally and repeatedly attacked many villages in the Colombian Andes. On March 31, they dynamited the Catholic church in Almaguer. When the townspeople sought sanctuary in the church, they found it in ruins, but the image of the Virgin of Miracles, patron of the town, remained unhurt in the rubble. This miracle gave hope to the villagers and courage to resist further attacks. (Source: "Colombia: The 'miracle' in Almaguer Renews Hope," Gonzalo Guimaraens, August 4, 2001, CubDest Servicio de Difusión, Picture from "quiers obtener muchos milagros - almaguer - Popayán," Anuncios Gratis en Todo el Mundo,   


La Virgen de los Milagros de Almaguer is an old appearance which is venerated in the city and staged a miracle in 2000 that toured the world.
Almaguer is a distant Cauca people today out of all that is progress. Perhaps 22,000 people inhabit. It has centuries. It was founded by royal decree on August 19, 1551.
In its heyday were removed each year more than 30,000 pesos of gold.
Gold mines and surrounding had two thousand Indians and blacks working in them coming by gangs of other peoples.
It was a transit of all goods and people heading towards 
Ecuador and vice versa, when travelers want to avoid passing through the Patia. In the nineteenth century the Cauca mines produced more than half the gold was removed from the New Kingdom of Granada.
The October 18, 1619 a very simple and devout of the Virgin, lady found a rustic old tablet and not more than 3 mm thick in the church of Almaguer, where a striking image is stressed, there appeared The Virgin Milagros. Since then almguereños devotees celebrate their patron favors.
Another event attributed to La Milagrosa, was intact output your image from the onslaught guerrilla March 2000 against the small village of Almaguer, where the rebels raided the Catholic Church, they dynamited the altar, the whole church, the rectory and after successive explosives, destroyed dozens of homes in the village. Impact of violent guerrilla.
In the fifth and most cruel onslaught guerrilla against Almaguer small town, nestled in the Colombian Andes, Cauca province, southwest of the country, the communists violated the doors of l to church catholicism to dynamited the altar, the church Whole House and parish. then successive explosives destroyed dozens of homes in the village.
After the attack, the afflicted and helpless inhabitants ran to the ruins of the church, checking with pain that the old wooden altar, brought by the Spaniards four centuries, was completely destroyed along with the tabernacle and the Eucharist he guarded; sacrilege subsequently earned vigorous guerrilla excommunication of Archbishop of Popayán, Bishop Ivan Antonio Marín López.
However, for unspeakable astonishment of those present, the most illustrious and ancient inhabitant of Almaguer, the pious image of Our Lady of Miracles , patron of the town, remained intact in the rubble . Many wept with emotion at a scene reminiscent of what happened at Calvary. At the height of the power of darkness, our Lord Jesus Christ agreed to make every endeavor against Him dying on the cross to redeem mankind, but did not allow your Blessed Mother, who stood next to him, with the holy women, It was not even touched.
The prodigious supernatural protection of the patron saint of Almaguer is seen by locals as a "miracle", but waiting, of course, the verdict of the Church. "It was something sublime, something that makes us divine faith to arise reborn again," said the mayor Renjifo Fabio Gomez, while condemning the "almost satanic" guerrilla attack.
The faith of the almaguereños, tempered in the adversity and confirmed by the supernatural episode, made to overcome the attack, which occurred on March 31. Undertaken with renewed vigor rebuilding the village and are preparing to celebrate in the coming days the 450th anniversary of the founding of the town, made by royal decree on August 19, 1551.
In a sense, the ordeal for many unknown Almaguer, is a picture of what happens in Colombia, and semi dilacerated destroyed by ruthless narco-guerrillas Communists, who, as just denounced the Archbishop of Bogotá, Cardinal Pedro Rubiano Sáenz, "fell in infamy and cynicism," participating in a process of "peace" based "on the inconsistency and falsehood." The "Miracle" of Almaguer to Colombia should be an encouragement full of confidence and hope in the help of Providence to the defeat of the guerrillas and the rebirth of the nation. Virgin does not abandon those who truly believe and trust in Him.
Source: Gonzalo Guimaraens, August, 2001 and other



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