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Marian Calendar 2014

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365 Days with Mary features a different devotion to Our Lady associated with a solemnity, feast day, patronage, apparition or miraculous icon exactly related to that date. Each day reveals beautiful artwork and a historical dscription that highlights a famous or unique title of Mary. With sufficient writing space to add your own prayer, reflection or events for that day, you will be able to live each day in the celebration of your own personal Marian Year. There is no other Marian book like it. Available Now.



Friday, September 04, 2015

Nuestra Señora de Villaviciosa, Cordoba, Spain

Nuestra Señora de Villaviciosa, Cordoba, Spain , 14th cent. - September 4

Legend places the appearance of the image in the Portuguese town of Vila Viçosa, in the second half of the fourteenth century. Beautiful and unique is the tradition that speaks with pastoral charm, the finding of the Holy Image of Our Lady of Villav...

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Icon of the Mother of God of Georgia, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Icon of the Mother of God of Georgia, Arkhangelsk, Russia - September 4

The Georgian Icon of the mother of God: In 1622 the Persian Shah Abbas conquered Georgia. Many Christian holy things were stolen, and many were sold to the Russian merchants in Persia. Thus, the Georgian Icon of the Mother of God came to a certain me...

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Notre-Dame de Foy

Notre-Dame de Foy ( Foy-Notre-Dame, Belgium) , 1609 - September 4

In 1609 Gilles, a woodcutter from Wanlin , and Innocent Delimoir that accompanies it, by debiting a huge oak tree they had to shoot it discovered a small statue of the Virgin Mary  : made of terracotta , it is surrounded by some stones and hair. Gil...

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