Apparition to St. Jerome Emiliani, Treviso, Veneto, Italy
Treviso, Italy (1511)

Commemorated on September 27
Apparition to St. Jerome Emiliani, Treviso, Veneto, Italy
On September 27, 1511 the Virgin appeared to St. Jerome Emiliani, or Miani (1481-1537), founder of the association in Somasca "De 'Servants of the Poor", or the Congregation of the Clerics Somascan. The Holy captain of the Venetian army, fighting against the French and their allies the League of Cambrai, was taken prisoner and confined in the fortress of Castelnuovo.
Here, converted, resorted to the help of Mary, promising that if he was released, he would go on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Santa Maria Maggiore in Treviso. While he was praying, the Virgin appeared to him, loosed from the shackles and the chains and freeing the big ball of marble that had been hanging around his neck. Mary accompanied him out of jail and disappeared.
Awarded as the liberation, he respected the vote, traveling to Treviso to deposit at the feet of Marian strains of his imprisonment. Jerome, ordained a priest in 1518, he was a catechist emeritus and devoted his life to orphans.
News from the book: "Marian Apparitions" by Marino Leg. Sign Ed
St. Jerome Emiliani
father of orphans
There are endless paths that lead to God, and God has infinite ways to meet the souls. Sometimes choosing the meeting caressing and delicate, sometimes, however, prefers the overwhelming encounter that has all the power of a yellow. The steps of God and those of Jerome Emiliani crossed in a dark prison in the bottom of a castle lapped by the current of the river Piave. Here St. Jerome had been taken prisoner in the course of military action. 
During a month-long imprisonment had the opportunity to reflect on his past life and to convert thanks to the intervention of Mary, mother of Jesus, who rescued him from the chains of material and spiritual. 
Since that time St. Jerome decided to spend the rest of his life in a different and more consistent with the gospel of Christ. Freed from material goods as a Venetian nobleman who had, he began to help the poor, especially the sick and orphaned children because of the famine and pestilence, roamed cities and towns in search of alms. 
After years of asceticism and inner of hard, physical labor, he died of fever, contracted in the care of lepers, February 8, 1537 Somasca, a small town in the land of Bergamo. 
The companions, priests and laity, who had followed him in life, continued the work undertaken with the spirit and style broadcast from the testimony of St. Jerome.
Born of a noble family in Venice (1486), after having exercised his military career at a time when his city was opposed to the troops of Maximilian I, to be imprisoned in the defense of a fortress, Jerome Miani (also Emiliani) was released through the intercession of the Virgin. He thought of the orphans, and founded the first orphanage run with modern conceptions, where the boys, in addition to being accepted or maintained, they were given the opportunity to learn a trade and to deal with life. 
He died in 1537 in pounding, eyes and hands raised to heaven, and invoking the names of Jesus and Mary.
From "Letters to his brethren" of St. Jerome Emiliani
We must trust only in the Lord 
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ and sons of the Order of the Servants of the poor. 
Your poor father greets you and urges you to persevere in the love of Christ and the faithful observance of the Christian law, as I showed you with words and deeds when I was with you, so that the Lord may be glorified in you through me. 
Our goal is to God, the source of all good things, and we must trust only in Him and not in others, as we say in our prayers. And our merciful Lord, wanting to grow in your faith (without which, as the evangelist says, Christ could not perform many miracles) and fulfill your prayer, he decided to make use of you poor, abused, afflicted, exhausted forces , despised by all, and deprived of my own bodily presence, but not the spirit of your poor father and beloved and sweet. 
Why have you treated so, he only knows, but we can identify three causes. First of all, the Lord blessed our warns you that wants to welcome you among his beloved children, provided they persevere in his ways: as indeed he behaved with his friends and made them saints. 
The second cause is this, that you want to hope that more and more confidiate in him and not in others, because, as I said, God does not perform his works in those who refuse to put in him alone all their faith and hope, but has always infused the fullness of charity in those who were endowed with great faith and hope, and they have done great things. So if you'll be rich in faith and hope, himself, who exalts the humble, will do great things in you. So, taking me away from you and whatever else you like it, you will force you to choose between two things or get away from the faith and go back to the things of the world, or remain firm in the faith, and so to be approved by him. 
And here is the third leading cause: God wants you to feel like gold in the crucible. In fact, the dross of gold are destroyed by fire, but gold remains good increases in value. In the same way God acts with the good servant who hopes in him and remains in tribulation. God raises him and his love for those things that has abandoned, will give him a hundredfold in this world and eternal life in the future. 
In this way he has behaved with all the saints. He did so with the people of Israel after what he had suffered in Egypt, not only in fact drew him out of there with so many wonders and fed him with manna in the wilderness, but also gave him the promised land. 
Therefore, if you also will be steadfast in the faith against temptations, the Lord will grant you peace and rest in due time in this world, and forever in the other. 


When St. Jerome Emiliani was still very young, the administrator of the fortress of Castelnuovo, he was jailed a day after an enemy attack . In the solitude of prison, he sought the help of God so He began to pray, turning to the Holy Virgin Mary, "liberation of prisoners," promising that if he returned free, he would go on pilgrimage to the Marian shrine of Treviso. Jerome in fact obtained a release from captivity and the certain death sentence through the intercession of the Virgin, who appeared to him and released him from his chains. The Lady then proceeded to protect him miraculously on his way to Treviso. This allowed him to cross unharmed through armies in conflictun and to fulfill his vow. In fact, he upon arriving at the shrine, he fell exhausted at the foot of the sacred image of Our Lady the Great, sitting majestically on the throne with the Child on her knees.
Jerome was in early youth a soldier then, and following the apparitions he received, he dedicated himself to serving others, doing penance and works of charity. At first he lent assistance to the sick and abandoned, later to education of orphans. He founded orphanages in various Italian cities and then, although he was a layman, organized support for the Somaschi Fathers (originally the "Society of the servants of the poor", regular clergy). In 1747 Jerome was elevated to the altars by Pope Benedict XIV in 1766 and was canonized by Clement XIII. Finally, in 1928, was declared the patron saint of orphans. Saint Jerome Emiliani is represented in art with the ball and chain in the hands of prisoners.


Treviso, Italy

Treviso, Italy (Treviso, Italy)

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