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Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso
(Cacilhas, Portugal)

The Worship Cacilhas lost in the history of the times. It is known that when plagues Leprosy in Lisbon, many lepers are sent to the South Bank and this chapel becomes a Lazaretto or the Leper Hospital. Maybe that's why the picture's oldest church is St. Lazare. 
Already in Gazetteer (1747-1751) is mentioned the existence of a large Chapel of Our Lady of Good Success, commonly known Santa Luzia. Their incomes were the House that lost to the Mercy of Almada.
It is noteworthy that the same dictionary says that the chapel was built at the expense of the local population.
Only in the sixteenth century appears the first reference to the first Brotherhood - the Santa Luzia, having already extended the previously existing leprosarium. In the late seventeenth century beginnings of the eighteenth century the Chapel begins to be also known as shrine of Our Lady of Good Success.
St. Lazare patron of lepers, the Santa Luzia protective of patients to Our Lady of Good Success, patron saint of the Navigators, shows the evolution of the various local activities. This devotion will give place to the Constitution of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Good Success erecta that Church Harbour Cacilhas in 1734.
But the greater popularity of this church due to the Miracle of November 1, 1755 is when the great earthquake that destroyed Lisbon. The church was destroyed, and a fisherman named Pedro da Silva, taking the image of Our Lady of Good Success, was by the river, and lifting the Sacred Image, the waters of the tsunami spared Cacilhas and Almada.
Again the people and the Brotherhood rebuild the church on the ruins of earlier between 1756 and 1759, and in 1770 the church is worship. If at the beginning of the main Fellowship Church this feast was September 8 - Nativity of Our Lady - from now the Party becomes the November 1st year.
Always governed by the Book of Commitment dating from 1734, with the reach of the twentieth century, and the changes in the organization of the Church, that, having no regular worship, on festive occasions, the Parish Priest of Almada providenciava the procession.
With the creation of the Yards Margueira (Lisnave, Perry & Son,) Cacilhas becomes an important source of employment and therefore an explosion haabitacional. Thus the year 1970 is created the Vicariate of Cacilhas-parish but still not going to be daily worship and building a human community, which owes much to Father Manuel Soares. Finally, by decree of the Lord Bishop of Porto Manuel Martins, the Vicariate is elevated to parish status, having been assigned to the new parish Vincentian Fathers.
His first parish priest, appointed in 1979 was Father António Gouveia, big booster and founder of Scouts Group. The next year is assisted by the s aaaeu colleague António da Silva. At the end of 1980 It was the second parish priest Father Silva Cacilhas. Other priests passed Cacilhas as Father Ernesto Neiva in 83, and Jose Augusto Alves. In October 1978, Father Carlos Russo comes to Almada and is celebrated in Cacilhas. In 1989 was appointed Parish Priest of Cacilhas then the third. To him we owe the restoration of the church building, and the major driver Parish Centre and Social Cacilhas, contributing to greater vitality of the parish. In 1995 Bishop asks the Lord to make a Sabbatical year and was working in Mission to Sao Tome and Princepe.
He is succeeded by Father Rui Rosemary, to whom we owe the restoration within the church, all the gilded, restoration of the images of Saints and recovery of other spaces in the Church. We owe him the purchase of the building which today operates the Parish Center. 
At the request of Bishop goes to Rome to study Liturgy in 2003 and the parish is entrusted to Father Fernando Belo and Father Jaime da Silva. 
The September 12, 2004 takes over the fifth and current pastor, Father John Luis Passion.

Basic Information

Year consecrated: ---
Ecclesiastical status: Church
Architectural style: ---
Address: Rua Cândido dos Reis 22 Cacilhas Almada, Portugal
Coordinates: 38.686389, -9.148611
Website: ttp://
Phone: 212 764 488
Hours: ---
Cost: ---
Transportation: ---

Note: This information was accurate when first published and we do our best to keep it updated, but details such as opening hours can change without notice. To avoid disappointment, please check with the site directly before making a special trip.



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