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Santuario Nacional de la Virgen de los Treinta y Tres
(Florida, Uruguay)

This cathedral is located in one of the highest points in the city of Florida; style is Neo-Renaissance with Greco-Roman elements. It is guarded by two towers of 60 meters each, topped by domes lined banks and blue tiles. On the facade of the temple are read two important dates: 1805 , year in which the Chapel of Our Lady of Lujan's Painted (that was his original name) was elevated to parish status, and 1887 , when it was placed the stone fundamental to the construction of the present church. Above the main entrance is the inscription in Latin Domus Dei nostri (in Spanish : house of our God).

Since 1956 is the headquarters of the Diocese of Florida . It is also the National Shrine of the Virgin of the Thirty-Three , Patroness of Uruguay.

The May 8, 1988, Pope John Paul II visited the Cathedral.


Within the history of the Church in Florida, it is worth noting three important facts:

1. Prior to the founding of the city the presence of the Society of Jesus with the work of the famous Jesuit Missions. They gave the people that understand (now Northern Uruguay) type conformation corporatist social where they attended the various aspects of culture and village life: education, work, music, and even sculpture, precisely the image of the Virgin of the Thirty Three Paraguayan cedar is made, according to the style and features of it is believed to have been carved in the Jesuit Missions. A 20 kms from the city of Florida is preserved stay Calera, where the Jesuits had a great rural setting breeding and slaughtering of livestock and salting in Rinconada Santa Lucia River and stream Arias.

Two. The second fact is the foundation of Florida. Given the adventures in which he lived the old town of Painted on a rocky mountain, the priest Santiago Figueredo government achieves the superior yield is safer and fertile river on the shores of St. Lucia, where he founded the present city of Florida .

Three. And the third fact is in 1825, when the Assembly meets in Florida who drafted the Act of the Declaration of National Independence, presided by Fr. Juan Francisco Larrobla. In the cultural and historical context was spontaneous visit the Assembly members from Florida to the Virgin Mary venerated at a ranch ranch adjacent to the Assembly. Since then that image of Mary, began to be called popularly "VIRGIN OF THE THIRTY-THREE".


The golden crown donated by General Manuel Oribe, deputy chief of the Thirty-Three.

In 1857, General Manuel Oribe, the Virgin gave Florida a golden crown, in thanksgiving for having saved him and his family in a shipwreck. He said that the Virgin of the Thirty-Three was this grace, and always entrusted to it.

Gen. Oribe lived in the Union (Montevideo), and asked Don Felipe Irurreta of Florida, who was a friend, as the head of the Virgin of the Thirty-Three. The crown was handed over later to the Cura Vicario Fr. Majesté.

Basic Information

Year consecrated: 1887
Ecclesiastical status: Cathedral
Architectural style: Neo-Gothic
Address: Alejandro Gallinai 504 Florida , Uruguay
Coordinates: -34.1005, -56.2141
Phone: (+598) 4352 2285
Hours: ---
Cost: ---
Transportation: ---

Note: This information was accurate when first published and we do our best to keep it updated, but details such as opening hours can change without notice. To avoid disappointment, please check with the site directly before making a special trip.



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