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Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bellefontaine
(Bellefontaine, France)

The origins of the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bellefontaine are poorly known. Already in the twelfth century was judging by the list of the abbeys, but as the stones inserted should think originated in the eleventh century.


1100 depends to the diocese of Poitiers, then depend on Bellefontaine Maillezais the diocese in 1317, in La Rochelle in 1648, and Angers since 1802. Diversity of monks that followed: Benedictines, from its origins to 1642 to 1790 and finally Feulliants Trappist-Cistercian since 1816.
The first tenants of the Abbey were Benedictines. For three centuries, the existence of the community was based on the silence and peace. The wars of religion came to upset everything and ravaged the monastery. After the death of the abbot in 1598 slipped into disorder and religious decline began. The monastery was assigned to congregations that sprouted on December 7, 1642.
After the celebrity of the Abbey, in the eighteenth century reduced the number of religious, they were just four in 1790. In 1794 there were some burning buildings and the nation sold part of the goods and the other was allocated to hospices. Twenty-five years after the dispersion of the Feuillants, with ruined abbey buildings, some lands were purchased on January 17, 1817 by a Trappist monk, Urban Guillet, who made again a very flourishing monastery.
The P. Guillet was a loyal comrade of the famous reformer of La Trappe, Agustin de Lestrange, who had gone into exile in Revolution. This is the reason why Notre Dame de Bellefontaine is a vinculda home to Notre Dame de la Trappe. The monastery of Notre Dame de Bellefontaine founded in 1881, the Notre Dame dsu Lac, Oka, Quebec, Canada.
The Abbey Today
The Cistercian abbey Notre Dame de Bellefontaine in Bégrolles-in-Mauges (France) perched on a forest, far from any house, on a hill, Bellefontaine not realize Cholet-Beaupréau road passing by.
The entrance to the monastery is on an avenue of hedges that end in a granite portico with a statuette of the Virgin. On the hillside stretching sun bathing silent Abbey.
On the left, a meadow, a pond surrounded by aspens worn, and the color red in the green of the fir.
On the right, the monastery next to the vineyard and in a square, near the end, the black bell that signals the house of prayer. To the side, another modest bell is Bon Secours Chapel, secular pilgrimage center and is the cause of the monastery of Bellefontaine.
It now has about forty monks. His source of income is the tourist reception to provide a cost-sharing, according to their means.
The monks make fruit pastes, harvesting the fruits of the orchard (apples and pears). The Abbey also has a religious bookstore. Bellefontaine published since 1966, collections of texts on spirituality and contemporary primitive monasticism and Eastern Christian texts. 

Basic Information

Year consecrated: ---
Ecclesiastical status: Church
Architectural style: ---
Address: Bellefontaine Bégrolles-en-Mauges, Maine-et-Loire, France
Coordinates: 47.151874, -0.938549
Phone: ---
Hours: ---
Cost: ---
Transportation: ---

Note: This information was accurate when first published and we do our best to keep it updated, but details such as opening hours can change without notice. To avoid disappointment, please check with the site directly before making a special trip.



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