La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Palma
(Algeciras, Spain)

The Church of Our Lady of Palma de Algeciras is located in the Plaza Alta . BIC filed by the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía since 1992, next to the Plaza Alta the main hallmark of this Andalusian city.
The construction of the temple began in 1724 when population growth became insufficient space intended for worship in the nearby Chapel of Our Lady of Europe . According to Pascual Madoz in his Gazetteer of 1843 , "the church was completed in 1738 with alms of the faithful and other resources that provided the Bishop Don Lorenzo Armengual de la Mota , moving to her on June 6 of that year the parish before existed in the primitive chapel Cortijo de Galvez ". Since 1736, the Church of La Palma, still under construction, took over the parish functions.
It originally consisted of three ships but had to be added two more to take advantage of lower height gable roof in 1795 . The tower is 150 feet high and was built between 1793 and 1804 and is the work of Barranco Alonso, who started and ended Isidro Casaus that. For the construction of the church were reused the stones of the old medieval walls, these blocks, visible in the tower retain mason marks similar to those appearing in various sites of the city.
The nave has a barrel vault, is separated from the side by thick Doric columns, the aisles have vaults resting on pilasters. The facade in simple, highlight the buttresses on the sides of the door and the niche for the Virgin on it. The rear of the church was cleared of buildings at the beginning of XXI century but the left side has a modern townhouse which nullifies the whole street seen from Ventura Moron.
It is dedicated to the Virgen de la Palma, patron of the city from that in 1344 , Palm Sunday, Alfonso XI of Castile conquered the city in the same year, Pope Clement VI created the Diocese of Algeciras which is linked to that of Cadiz after it is sent Mosque enshrine in Cathedral City, but the city is destroyed and the Bishopric of Algeciras goes with it. The image is inside is a size Italian alabaster eighteenth century which according to tradition was taken from a boat to the weather not letting my port, was badly damaged during the antireligious assaults May 1931 but later restored, but not all elements of the church ran the same fate as they lost the altar and the Custody.
After many restorations and works shown inside transparent for lacking today just decoration or pictures. It is based canonical Nazarene Brotherhood and the Virgin of Bitterness.

Basic Information

Year consecrated: 1738
Ecclesiastical status: Church
Architectural style: Baroque
Address: Algeciras Cadiz, Spain
Coordinates: 36.130978, -5.447883
Phone: (+34) 956/856
Hours: ---
Cost: ---
Transportation: ---

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