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Madonna dello Schiavo
Carloforte, Italy (1800)

Commemorated on November 15
Madonna dello Schiavo
Our Lady of the slave is the title by which we honor the statue of the Virgin Immaculate , guarded, in ' Oratory of the same name , located in the historic center of Carloforte , in the ' island of San Pietro .
The statue, wood lime dark, representing the Immaculate Conception of Mary, is presumably the figurehead of a ship Christian . It was found by the slave carolino Nicola Moretto in the morning of 15 November 1800 on the beach of Nabeul in Tunisia .
Guarded and revered by slaves carlofortini, the statue at the time of liberation was brought to Carlisle, where he built to guard a small oratory in the everlasting sign of recognition for the liberation obtained.
The title of Our Lady of Schiavo was coined by Canon Gabriele Pagani in 1924 , before the sacred image was known by the nickname of the Black Madonna .
The patronal feast, preceded by a solemn novena, occurs every year on November 15. The festivities, of close religious, culminate in the evening of day 15 with a solemn procession. Several prelates who attended the celebrations, among others, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi and 15 November 2009 , he celebrated Holy Mass and presided over the solemn procession Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re . On 14 and 15 November 2010, visit Carloforte Cardinal Leonardo Sandri , that on day 15 concelebrates Holy Mass with the Bishop of Iglesias Msgr. John Paul Zedda , and presides over the solemn procession in the evening.


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