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Mariä Schmerzen, Legau, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany

Commemorated on September 14
Mariä Schmerzen, Legau, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany
In 1728, Steinbach's parish church acquired a set of painted wood statues representing the Crucifixion, the Sorrowful Mother, and St. John. Two years later, churchgoers began reporting that Our Lady of Sorrows' statue was moving its eyes, crying, and changing complexion. As word spread, miracles and healings multiplied. After a formal investigation, the Catholic bishop declared the miracles valid in 1734. A larger baroque church was built to accommodate the pilgrims. Although the crowds and miracles dwindled in the late 1700s, the shrine still hosts four major pilgrimages annually: the Monday after Pentecost, the feasts of the Holy Cross on May 3 and September 14, and the veterans' pilgrimage on the last Saturday of October. (Photograph from the church's English website,  



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