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Chapel of Mary Comforter of the Afflicted
(Mettenbuch, Germany)

Mettenbuch is a town in Bavaria, who became famous during the period of the Kulturkampf (conflict between the German Empire and the Catholic Church) because of intense supernatural events in the vicinity of the monastery of Metten (Deggendorf). That is it is also related to healing Barbara Eder possession.


In the following years 1876, more than 100,000 believers pilgrimage to Metten. Even today people still pilgrimage to this place of grace to seek the help of "Mary, comforter of the afflicted," and then going to the source to bring water to his house.
With the passage of time a small chapel was built, the image of the Virgin were incorporated, the cross with the crucified, pictures of angels, a tap to draw water from the fountain, and benches where he usually sits locals and pilgrims to pray, especially at a time when the great Marian feasts and December in Advent.

Basic Information

Year consecrated: ---
Ecclesiastical status: Church
Architectural style: ---
Address: Mettenbuch Ostrach, Germany
Coordinates: 47.915833, 9.352222
Website: ---
Phone: ---
Hours: ---
Cost: ---
Transportation: ---

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