Nossa Senhora da Medalha Milagrosa
Monte Sião, Brazil (1939)

Commemorated on November 5
Nossa Senhora da Medalha Milagrosa In 1939 the parishioners in Monte Sião, Minas Gerais, Brazil prayed to Nossa Senhora da Medalha Milagrosa (Our Lady of the Miraculus Medal) for the end of a two year drought.


In 1937 the Bishop asked the pastor of Monte Sião to withdraw the altar the image of Our Lady and send to a chapel of countryside. 
The absence of the mother was keenly felt by their children in the parish. Between the years 1937 and 1939 Monte Sião was plagued by a severe drought; usually rained in all the cities of the region, not here. The people associated the lack of rain, the absence of the image of the Patron. Some people were intercede with the Father calling for the return of the image to the altar, and the very power of questioning was allowed around the image of the Patron. This happened on November 5, 1939, was a sunny afternoon when the procession made by the pastor, authorities, band music, and especially the people, carried the bier with the image of the Patron. Arriving at the entrance of the city began to fall the first drops and then a big rain, causing the image itself and its faithful devotees entered the Church all wet (MIRACLE DAY RAIN). From this day plantations thrived, the creations have not died and more rain cycle returned to normal.


Design of the statue: Mature adult, not repressive but a Mother who takes her mission to look for us, pointing the way to Jesus. 
The Lily: Lily of her dress is the symbol of St. Joseph, her husband. Signal purity. Maria faithful wife, a no adultery and separation. 
Belt and Sandal: Symbol of who is walking, always serving the demand of the children ...
The picture that is in the altar measures 1.10 m by 0.60 cm. It is from the beginning of the nineteenth century, molded pressed paper with plaster.


Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Medalha Milagrosa

Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Medalha Milagrosa (Monte Sião, Brazil)

According to research, the authorization of the Bishopric of St. Paul, for the building of the chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, given by the Provision dated Ma...

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