Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso
Cacilhas, Portugal (1755)

Commemorated on November 1
Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso
But the greater popularity of this church due to the Miracle of November 1, 1755 is when the great earthquake that destroyed Lisbon. The church was destroyed, and a fisherman named Pedro da Silva, taking the image of Our Lady of Good Success, was by the river, and lifting the Sacred Image, the waters of the tsunami spared Cacilhas and Almada.
The great earthquake of November 1, 1755, which devastated Lisbon, forced the Tejo River up the roads to Cacilhas nearby. But the waters withdrew after people prayed before the image of Our Lady. Ever since, an annual celebration honors the local Patroness, Our Lady of Good Success, with penitential rites, concerts, and a procession on All Saints Day, November 1. 



Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso

Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso (Cacilhas, Portugal)

The Worship Cacilhas lost in the history of the times. It is known that when plagues Leprosy in Lisbon, many lepers are sent to the South Bank and this chapel becomes a L...

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