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Notre-Dame de la Treille, Lille, Nord, Flandres, France

Commemorated on June 14
Notre-Dame de la Treille, Lille, Nord, Flandres, France
On June 14, 1234, 53 cripples were cured upon praying before the statue of Our Lady of the Trellis, installed behind a latticework fence in St. Peter's Collegiate Church. A procession held annually on the second Sunday after Pentecost commemorates the miracles. Saved during the destruction of St. Peter's Church in the French Revolution, the statue moved afterwards to St. Catherine's Church. Devotion to Our Lady of the Trellis revived in the mid-1800s, and a grand neo-Gothic church arose in her honor, where the statue was installed in 1872 and canonically crowned in 1874. After the theft of the original in 1959, sculptor Marie Madeleine Weerts carved the image now displayed in Lille's Catholic Cathedral, the Basilica of  Notre-Dame de la Treille. (Photo by Gonzague Cuvelier from the diocesan website, 



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