Notre-Dame de Nanteuil
Nanteuil-en-Vallee , France (1st cent.)

Commemorated on November 13
Notre-Dame de Nanteuil
This shrine dates from late in the 1st Century, making it one of the oldest shrines in France. According to tradition, some of the first Christians in the area discovered the statue residing on the branch of an oak tree. They happily took it, and placed it on a nearby wall near a fountain and went to summon the neighbors to show them what they had found.
On returning, they found that the statue was not where they had left it. Since this was an isolated spot, they wondered who might have taken it. Later, the statue was found once again where they had first seen it, sitting on the branch of the oak tree. Since Our Lady did not seem to want to be moved, the first chapel was, accordingly, built around the tree, with the branches with the statue being on the upper floor.

Source: James Fitzhenry
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Abbaye Notre-Dame de Nanteuil

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Nanteuil (Nanteuil-en-Vallee , France)

Notre-Dame de Nanteuil is is an Abbey Benedictine , founded late eighth century , they say, by Charlemagne. According to the ancient charters of the abbey, where the Arg...

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