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Nuestra Señora de Sancho Abarca, Tauste, Zaragoza, Spain.

Commemorated on April 7
Nuestra Señora de Sancho Abarca, Tauste, Zaragoza, Spain. From 20 to 24 April Feasts are held in honor of the Virgin of Sancho Abarca, whose feast day is 21. That same day the group of dancers dancing the " dance Taussig "show considered Party Regional Interests, like the Rosario de Cristal , walking the streets of the town on 22 at dusk. The holiday commemorates the appearance of the Holy Image of Our Lady of Sancho Abarca, according to the chronicles, was held on 7th April 1569 .

From 20 to 24 September is celebrated Coronation of the Virgin of Sancho Abarca, recalls that in 1969 was canonically crowned image of the Virgin of Sancho Abarca.


Stresses the Church Mudejar Santa Maria, located on a hill at the top of the village, overlooking the mouth of the Ebro River in Arba started to build in the XIII century and finished in the fourteenth century , except the tower, which corresponds the minaret of the former mosque occupying your solar-, originally consisted of ship sections and only three apse semicircular polygon inside and outside, then adding the chapel of the Virgin of Sancho Abarca. It is made entirely of brick rigged a rope and brand and caught with plaster. Outside presents five sided polygonal head which is circular inside and side walls with buttresses and chapels including protruding slightly open at the bottom. Protrudes from the tower, attached to the center of the wall of the gable . Octagonal, is one of the finest examples of Moorish towers preserved in Aragon, closely related to those of San Pablo and San Pedro Zaragoza Alagon also shares with the archaic type of the church. Recent case studies, they find that the tower already existed when the apse was built in the early thirteenth century, and later, in the fourteenth century the nave, whose gable was attached to the tower, hiding your decor. are of interest both Altarpiece Renaissance of the XVI century and renovated in 2007 , as the altarpiece of the Coronation of Mary, also restored in the same year.



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