Our Lady of the Turning Eyes
Rottweil, Germany (1643)

Commemorated on November 10
Our Lady of the Turning Eyes Muttergottes von der Augenwende (Our Lady of the Turning Eyes) - During the French siege in 1643, Mary's statue appeared sorrowful & people saw the eyes move.


 the Rottweiler population stood in 1643 at the siege by the French under their protection , and begged her for help. 42 people testified their eyes turning twice . This was a sign that prayers are answered for many. Great pilgrimages came from Alsace, Lake Constance and Switzerland to Rottweil, to ask for help in the Mother of God. Mary is the comforter of the afflicted, the healer of the sick, refuge of sinners, and the hope of the desperate.

SourceL http://www.rottweil.de/de/Bürger/Soziales-und-Kirchen 


St. Peter and St. Paul / The Preacher's Church

St. Peter and St. Paul / The Preacher's Church (Rottweil, Germany)

The Preacher's Church, the former Dominican monastery church in the 13th Century was built in 1753 and remodeled, is since 1818 Evangelical Church of Rottweil.The Preache...

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