Queen of the Holy Rosary
Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador (1570)

Commemorated on December 13, October 7
Queen of the Holy Rosary
One night the sexton of the church of Bath saw a small statue of the Virgin hovering in the air and down to the feet of a spring that flowed from the mountain. 
The event was repeated several times, so we gathered in the chapel for beseech the Blessed Virgin that you clearly manifest your intentions. 
The next night the Virgin appeared calling for the erection of a chapel at the spring, promising healing lepers who bathe with faith in those waters ... 


Descending from the city of Ambato, the capital of the Ecuadorian province of Tungurahua, we Citadel Baths, 1,800 meters high, called the "East Gate" , because that begins practically the Ecuadorian Amazon region. Baños is located in a valley with waterfalls and hot springs next to the Tungurahua volcano with a height of 5,016 meters and 180 kms. Quito.
Bathrooms, as its name says, it is renowned for its ferruginous waters that flow from the Tungurahua volcano. This small spa town is mainly famous for its sanctuary of the "Queen of the Holy Rosary of Holy Water."
Bathrooms Foundation dates back to 1570, a few years before the founding of Quito, when Dominican missionaries roamed the region evangelizing centers Ambato, Pelileo, Patate and Canelos.
In Bathrooms built a shelter for the missionaries who came down to the Amazon region or returning from it. During the early erected a chapel with walls of "bamboo" and covered thatched roof, where a statue of the Blessed Virgin of Montserrat was venerated . Below arose the "shrine" of Our Lady of Holy Water.

A historical account states that one night the sexton of the church of Bath saw a small statue of the Virgin hovering in the air, accompanied by two young beautiful and down to the feet of a spring that flowed from the mountain.
The fact was repeated several times, so the pastor and locals gathered in the chapel to beg the Blessed Virgin that clearly tell them of his intentions.
The next night the Virgin appeared to the priest asking the erection of a chapel at the spring, promising healing lepers who bathe with faith in those waters.
The command was executed carefully, but when it comes time to transfer the image to the new temple became the pastor and people found that had mysteriously disappeared. Later he came to the town square where they had built the temple, a mule loaded with a drawer. No one knew where he had come and to whom it belonged. The box was delivered to the pastor awaiting the appearance of the owner.
Two months passed and no one claimed the drawer. Therefore, the pastor decided to open it in the presence of witnesses. With great wonder they discovered the statue of the Virgin venerated today in the sanctuary of Baños. Since then the image of "Our Lady of the Rosary of Holy Water Baths" became one of the most revered in Ecuador and other Latin American countries. Construction of the present basilica, begun by the Flemish Dominican P. Thomas Cornelius Halflants late last century, was completed in 1929. 


The image of Our Lady of Bath is made of wood, except for the mask of the face that is lead. . Measuring a meter and thirty-four inches tall It sits on a throne with grace and religious decorum, with the left arm holding the Divine Child resting in his lap and maternal right wields a scepter in both hands holding rosary .
It covers a beautiful head of hair, a veil and a real golden crown adorned with precious stones. The image is well proportioned, graceful, elegant and LLEA of modesty, sweetness and majesty that inspires love, respect and devotion in all who contemplate


Are numerous pilgrims from all parts of Ecuador and other countries, who visit weekly sanctuary.
Currently the area offers several pools, the Virgin is located under the center-east of Bath under the Cascada de la Virgen del Agua Santa and is of volcanic origin. This area is one of the main tourist destinations in Ecuador for their hot springs, especially health tourism and religious.
The faithful celebrate holidays from 7 October until the end of the month covered by Our Lady of volcano ash that fills the air of the city. Feast of the Virgen del Rosario also recalls a bitter struggle between Catholics and Protestants raised that place many years ago.
La Virgen del Rosario helped Catholics to Protestants override and since then, the Virgen de Agua Santa, a symbol of strength that protects from all dangers Bathrooms including Tungurahua volcano became.
Also we celebrate the day of his coronation, on 13 December.
But the largest and busiest party Baths carnival is Sunday. Its origin is clear from a legend that recounts that day Our Lady raised her hand and stopped the fury of the volcano. At that time the rising population stood at the foot of the mountain Runtún. The Broken Bascun ran through the center of town.
The event took place in circumstances that many devotees had gathered from neighboring villages. Suddenly the earth trembled filling panic. Dense clouds of smoke, ash fall and explosions. The terrified people running from one place to another. Anxiety turned to yell when the bed of the Bascun a barrage of glowing lava was dragging his step as he approached.
Those who were in the interior of the chapel took on shoulders the sacred image amid cries and cries. Upon reaching the square, to the astonishment of all, the picture reached up and silenced his roaring volcano. The flood of lava changed course and all was silent.
His devotion to the Virgin to whom they proclaimed savior of the fury of the volcano was reaffirmed. In memory of it swore onwards, together with the inhabitants of Baños, never forget the miracle. Since then every year attends many people on Carnival Sunday to pay tribute of gratitude to Our Lady of Holy Water.

A brief of Pope Pius XII in 1957 declared the Virgin of Baños de Agua Santa "principal patroness of the missions of eastern Ecuador." in December 13, 1959, the Cardinal Archbishop of Quito, Carlos M. de la Torre, solemnly crowned the statue of the Virgin with the presence of the President of the Republic, Dr. Camilo Ponce, who offered to the Mother of God the presidential baton invoking their sponsorship of the Ecuador, this is a day for the Feast of Our Lady.
In the basilica we can admire numerous paintings illustrating the history of the Shrine and the best known miracles performed by the Virgin. 


Basílica de Agua Santa

Basílica de Agua Santa (Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador)

The temple is built with moderate Gothic style black and red volcanic rock environment. The towers with a height less than initially projected, was completed in 1929. Th...

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