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Virgen del Rosario (El Rosario, Carazo, Nicaragua)

Commemorated on January 13
Virgen del Rosario (El Rosario, Carazo, Nicaragua)
The town of El Rosario in western Nicaragua celebrates two fiestas in honor of its patron saint. On the traditional Catholic feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary, the archbishop says mass. But because October there is a month of torrential rain, the outdoor festivities migrated to January, starting on the first weekend and culminating the second. On that Sunday, while the church holds Mass and procession, the concurrent Municipal Festival features cockfighting, bull-running, rides, free food, and music. The solid gold crown in the picture was stolen in November 2007. 

Source: Photo by Alberto Cano from "Dejan sin corona a Virgen del Rosario," El Nuevo Diario, Nov. 9, 2007,



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